Emiway’s New Song ‘Seedha Takeover’ Is A Soft Retort To Kr$na’s Track

The Delhi-based rapper had accused Emiway of being having a constructed image earlier

Emiway’s New Song ‘Seedha Takeover’ Is A Soft Retort To Kr$na’s Track
Image Credit: YouTube

Emiway has released yet another song through his official YouTube channel, and it’s called ‘Seedha Takeover.’ Although the title doesn’t make it obvious, this track is sort of a soft retort to Delhi-based rapper Kr$na’s freeverse, where he made allegations against Emiway of creating a fake image of himself and manipulating his fans. Interestingly, the two artists have worked together before this, in a music video titled ‘Mumbai Se Delhi Tak,’ which was released back in 2017.

‘Seedha Takeover’ has your typical Emiway flavour to it, with his fast verses and sombre music. More than the song though, it’s the music video that impressed us. Splattered with red and white tones, this clip utilizes light beautifully, and it even features great editing. Director Rayhaan Patni and cinematographer Nikhil Gupta really deserve credit for this.

As for the song itself, it really doesn’t manage to convey the desired message effectively. The words lose their sheen midway, and wander into different directions. Whenever something seems to be building up, Emiway’s lines take completely irrelevant turns for no good reason. Take these lines for instance – “Mere pass khane ko teen waqt ka khana hai. Shukar rozana hai. Sunane ke liye bohot sara gaana hai. Gaana khazana hai. Public mujhe chahti jaise, Barack obama main. Atanki hamla har gana, Osama main.”

Kr$na’s freeverse suffers from the same problem, but it’s more direct in its approach. Kr$na utters the opening lines to the same tune as Emiway’s ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya.’ The potshots at Emiway don’t stop there, as the further lines go, “Internet beef par darte hai waise. Dikhate gareebi, par ghar pe hai paise. Chashme bhi nakli, ye padhte hai kaise? Ye ladki ke baal, ye ladke hai kaise?”

In ‘Seedha Takeover,’ instead of reacting to these jabs, Emiway chooses instead to boast about his popularity. He says, “Kyun sunu tana main, jab kar raha mere man ki. Ha bheje se hu sanki. Haa DC meri funky. Pardes wali bandhi, react kare video pe. Youtube pe gaana, phir worldwide radio pe.”

You can watch Emiway and Kr$na’s videos in the space above.