Emiway Pays Tribute To Eminem By Rapping In Hindi To The Tune Of Lose Yourself

Cringy at times, but at least it's honest

Emiway Pays Tribute To Eminem By Rapping In Hindi To The Tune Of Lose Yourself
Image Credit: YouTube

Lose Yourself by Eminem is counted among the greatest rap songs of all time, and it’s hence no surprise that it’s the track chosen by gully rapper Emiway to pay tribute to the hitmaker. In his version, the Mumbai-based artist raps to the tune of the song, but inserts his own Hindi lyrics that talk about how Eminem inspired him, and how his life changed after discovering his music.

This video was released by him only three days back but is still sitting strong at the number 3 spot on YouTube’s Trending section. It has managed to grab more than 4 million views already, which should not be surprising for the rapper since his recent high-profile feud with Raftaar had ensured that almost all his rap videos were getting multi-million hits in no time.

Emiway Bantai begins his Eminem tribute by speaking about his struggles with stage fright due to which he had cried on stage during his childhood days. He discovered Eminem through a friend when he was in 10th grade. His music then completely encompassed Emiway’s life, to the extent that he would keep listening to it even during lectures. That is when he decided to become a rapper himself, and abandoned his dream of becoming a doctor.

The rest of the song continues to talk about his journey through the later periods of his life. For the hook, Emiway has used the words from one of his earliest tracks titled Aur Bantai, the words of which go, “Aur bantai, kya bolte tum. Nashta paani karke piye chai mein cheeni kam. Koi maare dum toh koi chillam. Sab pukare ek hi naam. Bhole bam bam.”

The music video of this Eminem tribute track has been shot in typical fashion with nothing out of the box. You can watch it in the space above.