Eminem’s Walk On Water Featuring Beyoncé Is Out Now, And It Sounds Amazing

Looks like Slim Shady has still got it!

Eminem’s Walk On Water Featuring Beyoncé Is Out Now, And It Sounds Amazing

This is Eminem’s comeback year, and even as we eagerly await the release of his ninth studio album titled Revival, the rapper has dropped its first single, Walk on Water. The song has Eminem teaming up with Beyoncé, and it has instantly made its way onto my daily playlist.

Walk on Water is a very personal song. It’s about the insecurities that Eminem himself is facing while wondering whether or not he’ll be relevant amidst the artists of today. As the verses go on disclosing his anxieties, his rage keeps on intensifying.

But this tension is broken by Beyoncé’s softly crooned chorus which goes, “I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water, but only when it freezes.” The beautifully written lines by Skylar Grey – also a producer on this song – are a stark reminder that we can work our miracles despite being human.

It’s this hook that got Eminem to write this song in the first place. In his prime, Eminem was nothing short of a rap god. However, things have changed by leaps and bounds since then. And the fact that he isn’t scared to admit his self-doubt is something that’s very Eminem-esque, if not anything.

At the same time, what’s visible in Walk on Water is his unwavering confidence in his art. Whether it’s with lines like “(Be)cause how do I ever let this mic go without a fight?” or with the fact that the song has no beats whatsoever. The music comes in the form of a grand piano and strings, and it merges with the verses effortlessly.

Walk on Water is a song about human weaknesses and the complexities that come with staying true to art. In that sense, it’s the quintessential Eminem song, which is why it’s no surprise that it was chosen as the first single from the upcoming album. If this is a sign of things to come, Revival promises to be a great album.

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