Dhadak Album Review

Two faithful recreations and two originals occupy this latest Ajay-Atul soundtrack

Dhadak Album Review
Image Credit: Movie - Dhadak

All the songs from Dhadak are out now, and as was the case with Sairat, there are four of them. Two among those are updated versions of the original, with Hindi lyrics of course, while two are completely new tracks. Let us delve into all of them, and give you a review of this latest Ajay-Atul album.

The Dhadak Title Track is no doubt the strongest song in the soundtrack. It’s a newly made track that aims to elucidate the innocent romance between the two protagonists. For those aware of Sairat’s songs, this one is the Sairat Zaala Ji of Dhadak. And the makers have taken a good call by not recreating the said song with Hindi lyrics.

The Dhadak Title Track, with its amazing lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, is sung from the points of view of both the characters. The lines “Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai, tere naam ki koi sadak hai na. Jo mere dil ko dil banati hai, tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na” convey the point of the song very effectively.

And the orchestral score adds a grand touch to it. The singing duties have been rendered by Ajay Gogavale and Shreya Ghoshal. They have given the Dhadak Title Track a spectacular feel with their respective voices.

The second song from the album is Pehli Baar. It takes the template of Sairat’s Yad Lagla and adds Hindi lyrics to it. Its lyrics really don’t manage to recreate the magic of the original though. Ajay Gogavale’s voice, which you’ll hear in every song from the film by the way, is as endearing as ever in this one.

Zingaat is again a recreation of the sickeningly popular Marathi original, and the quirky Hindi lyrics of this one are actually enjoyable. They fit the song’s template perfectly and give it a good touch that brings it very close to the magic of the original number.

Vaara Re looks to create a happy mood with its music. It’s a song that’ll perhaps go into the second half of the flick, which explains why a music video wasn’t released for it. Sairat had no song in the second half, so there’s no track to compare this one with. Vaara Re is not the best in the album, but it really does create a romantic atmosphere with its imposing score.

The soundtrack of Dhadak is one more win for the musical talent of Ajay-Atul. All four of its songs are impressive, but the Dhadak Title Song takes the cake in our opinion.