Dark Love By Sidhu Moosewala Tells A Grim Love Story

A deceptive love affair

Dark Love By Sidhu Moosewala Tells A Grim Love Story
Image Credit: YouTube

Sidhu Moosewala has released quite a few videos since the start of this year, and Dark Love is the latest among them. As the name indicates, this song tells a grim love story between a gangster and a girl he has just met. The music video was released by Humble Music on July 4, and it has managed to grab 4.5 million views already, while it has also occupied space in the Trending section of YouTube. It was moreover, trending at number 1 in Canada yesterday.

The music for Dark Love has been composed by Intense, a long-time collaborator for Sidhu. Sidhu Moosewala has not just handled the singing duties, but has also penned the lyrics for this song. The song looks to tell the story of a gangster who falls in the love with a girl, but his past does not let him go further with the romance.

It quickly turns into a revenge tale, wherein the girl is revealed to be the partner of a person he had killed before. She calls him home one day, and points her gun at him to make him realize his crimes. She then fires two shots at him at the end of the video. But there’s a twist to the whole plot. All this is shown as a flashback, with the start of the video showing that Sidhu has somehow survived the shooting, and has come back to take revenge with the girl.

The story does sound childish, but it’s the self-indulgence of Sidhu that turns out to be the video’s main cringe factor. And there’s several objectionable scenes in it as well, like the one in which Sidhu proposes to the girl, and tells her she can either say yes or shoot him in the head. In any other medium, this would have made the audiences go “WTF,” but in the world of Punjabi music videos, this is all standard flair.

Coming to the song itself, it’s definitely got something in it. The singing performance by Sidhu Moosewala takes the cake. It’s a controlled performance with lots of stuff worth appreciating. The music too must be credited for making this song a good listening experience.

Sidhu Moosewala has announced that his next single will be called Jatt Da Mukabla, and will be released pretty soon.