Chamma Chamma From Fraud Saiyaan: Does Elli Avram Really Live Up To Urmilla’s Moves?

Not all remix of an old classic move the young audience!

Chamma Chamma From Fraud Saiyaan: Does Elli Avram Really Live Up To Urmilla’s Moves?
Image Credit: Movie: Fraud Saiyaan

Apart from Twitter, Instagram, Hashtags, and Tinder, there has been one more thing that has moved very fast up the ladder of popularity. That new thing is the trend of remixing old classic numbers of Bollywood. Bollywood is throbbing with a plethora of new artists, and most of them are pretty talented too, and they chose to explore and nurture their talents by giving their voice to remixes, which were rather be left untouched.

While some of the remixes gained immense popularity, like the Dilbar song from Satyamev Jayate, some of them flopped, and we all know why. Just choosing a song from the 90s and adding some hip rap lines to it and getting a woman to belly dance in the video will not always do the trick, and the recreators of Chamma Chamma from Fraud Saiyaan should have given that a thought.

So, this recreation of the classic number Chamma Chamma, starring the iconic Urmila Matondkar, from the movie China Gate, has been given a new life by Tanishk Bagchi, again. Neha Kakkar, Romi and Arun, and Ikka have given their voice to this song, and the outcome of that is this half-hearted rendition of the evergreen original composition of Anu Malik.

The video boasts of 25 million views on YouTube, and maybe it is because of Elli Avram’s skin show, but she certainly does not match up to the aura of Urmila Matondkar. Though the lyrics of the song say “aankhon se connection jud gaya re”, we doubt if she actually made some real connections here with the audience. Another thing that strikes is the sudden input of English words here and there, just to add to cool quotient of the song, which is lacking otherwise, like “tere close aake teri saanson mein samau”. Maybe the lyricist, Shabbir Ahmed should have given that a thought.

Chamma Chamma from Arshad Warsi’s upcoming movie, Fraud Saiyaan, has the hero himself in the song and we do not see him doing anything new. Neither the song nor the hero gives us anything that we have not seen before and that is a huge disappointment. If we have to compare Urmila Matondkar’s and Elli Avram’s performance, then we can say that she has notdone too badly, but if the standard set is Urmila Matondkar, then she should have done much more than just move her “kamariya” to the “desi beats”.

We have not forgotten those days when the starting music of the original version of Chamma Chamma would automatically make us move to the beats and groove like Urmila. And this new version of Chamma Chamma is not doing a great job in making us forget the golden past. We don’t want to forget if such is the scenario.

Fraud Saiyaan is directed by Sourabh Srivastava, and is all set to hit the theatres on 18 th January, 2019. We really hope that the comedy movie turns out to be a tad bit better than this lazy and torpid rendition.