When Celebrities Went Horribly Wrong While Singing

They should have stuck to acting

When Celebrities Went Horribly Wrong While Singing

Actors often turn to singing in order to overcome the monotony that comes with their profession, and of course, for many other reasons as well. But singing is not everyone’s cup of tea. In the age of auto tune, you can easily pass off your voice as pleasing, but some amount of talent is indeed needed if you wish to make a lasting impression. There have been quite a few failed attempts when actors have ruined the songs they were singing with their substandard efforts. Here are a few of them.

Sonakshi Sinha

The ridiculous amount of autotune that has gone into this song is enough evidence to prove how bad the original voice was. Sonakshi sings only a small portion of the song Let’s Celebrate, but manages to showcase her inability in no time. It’s evidently something she should have skipped doing.

Kim Kardashian

Kim turning a singer absolutely should not have happened. Jam (Turn it Up) can be easily counted among the worst songs of recent times. Her voice is harsh and hard to tolerate for more than a few seconds. It’s the kind of song you would torment your friends with.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has given us some excellent songs in the form Sooha Sooha and Main Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki, but she made perhaps the biggest mistake of her career by deciding to sing at this year’s IIFA awards. She was actually sounding like Dhinchak Pooja in this performance, and if you don’t believe us, watch the video above.

Salman Khan

There’s a perfectly good version of the song Jumme Ki Raat in Mika’s voice. But we don’t know what persuaded the producers to give Salman Khan a go at it. He absolutely ruins the song and everything in it with his bad singing. And to add to it, there’s autotune as well which somehow makes the song even worse.

Watch video – Here

Lindsay Lohan

We’ve been seeing her as an actor right from her childhood, but in 2004 she came out with her first album which received mainly negative reviews. That was because the music was extremely generic and her singing very amateur. A second album was outed by her the following year, but she has kept her distance from singing ever since, thankfully.

Watch video – Here

Akshay Kumar

This is a beautiful song, no doubt, but we’re referring to the version sung by M M Kreem which is featured in the film Special 26. However, another version sung by Akshay Kumar was used for the film’s promotion which is perhaps one of the worst singing performances in Bollywood. There’s a massive amount of autotune present in this song, but it is of no use in making the song listen-worthy.

We are so lucky these people are not very ambitious about their singing careers.