Calming Music That’s Perfect for a Rainy Day

The Rains, some soulful music and the calming effect after a hectic day

Calming Music That’s Perfect for a Rainy Day
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When the rain-cast clouds make an appearance, we often sit with our favorite author and the ‘playlist’ we otherwise neglect. Rain makes every heart yearn for something they have no time to think of. It makes us wonder over the past, present and often, over the memories that we have created over time. A cup of coffee, the bedside view of rain from your favorite window and a playlist to enhance the essence and emotion, well there’s nothing like it. We are eager to share some of our most loved ‘rainy day’ tracks, all of which do not necessarily contain the word ‘rain’ but can provide you with a brilliant company during the rainy days at home:

Put Your Head On My Shoulder By Paul Anka

Paul Anka’s voice is one that cannot be forgotten ever. His vocal range and precision does half the job. This song specifically makes you feel the love and appreciation for your beloved, and we all know how romantic rainy days could be!

Rimjhim Gire Sawan By Kishore Kumar (Movie: Manzil)

If you are also a lover of classics like me, this has to be one of your favorites. Well, how could we possibly explain this song? One of the most amazing songs of the rainy season, this song and the atmosphere it creates? Priceless!

The Way You Look Tonight By Frank Sinatra

Actually, if we recommend this song, we would also love to mention about ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ by Elvis Presley. Both the songs have a romantic mood to it, which makes it perfect for a day with the rain-Gods. You could simply put these on loops, or just ‘hum’ them while you read your book.

Ranjish Hi Sahi By Papon

Every Coke studio song is way too perfect for the rainy season, but Papon’s version of ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ tops the chart! This song has every flavor, including the famous beats of ‘ghazals’ which have a different effect in the rain altogether.

Dua By Arijit Singh And Nandini Srikar (Movie: Shanghai)

Not necessarily something that would add romance or love in the air, but this song has something in its magical lyrics and tune along with Arijit’s voice that touches the right chords in your heart. This song on a rainy day can create an ambience where you can reconcile with yourself and your life.

Listen to each of these songs and we promise you, the rainy day would go great! A playlist with these would be a treasure on the ‘bheegi bheegi’ days of the year.

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