Brands That Were Made Famous By These Bollywood Songs

Product placement or not, these songs did grab the attention of their listeners

Songs That Used Brand Names In Their Lyrics
Image Credit: Movie - Dabangg

Some songs just make no sense at all, yet end up being massive hits. Take the example of Munni Badnaam from the film Dabbang. One can understand the underlying meaning (if they intended any) behind the lines, “Munni badnaam huyi, darling tere liye,” but what in the gobsmacking world does “Main Zandu balm huyi, darling tere liye” mean? How does one turn herself into a pain relief balm, and how is that even remotely romantic? Well, we’re not here to discuss these questions today though. We’re here because we wish to list out other such songs and try and decipher the reasons behind the usage of the brand names in their lyrics. Without wasting any more time then, let’s get going with the list.

Coca Cola Tu

Even in the most ridiculous sense, comparing a girl you like to an aerated drink is just plain dumb. But Tony Kakkar’s auto-tune extravaganza doesn’t shy away from doing that. He goes, “Coca Cola Tu. Shola shola tu,” and the song somehow becomes a hit. Such a huge hit that it already has more than 20 million views on its YouTube video. One would think Pepsi will really have to heighten its game if it wants to compete with that.

Munni Badnaam

This song led to a court case by Emami because it used the name of its brand Zandu balm in its lyrics. The case was settled outside the court, but what went wrong is that it paved the way for Dabbang 2 to get a similar song in the form of Fevicol Se.

Fevicol Se

Owing to the drama that followed the release of Munni Badnaam, the producers of Dabbang 2 were cautious during its sequel. They acquired all the permissions required for the brand name Fevicol to be used in this Kareena Kapoor dance number. And it’s no surprise then that this song too became a massive hit.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

There’s little cringe in this song, as the Ferrari being spoken about is a major plot point in the film. This Ferrari is mentioned so many times in the film that a song on the car perhaps became mandatory for the producers to have. They could however have gone for some better lyrics, since the lines, “Fa Fa Fa.. Rra Rra Rri… Fa Fa Fa Fa Ferrari” sound like they are being uttered by a baby trying to pronounce the car’s name.


A song that’s all the rage currently, Lamberghini takes Ferrari’s biggest rival and makes a song out of it. The lyrics argue that there’s no use driving a Lamborghini alone if there’s no one to ride beside you. Well, we can’t argue with that, but what you should know is that the song is based on age-old Punjabi folk recitals called Punjabi Tappe. An example of these can be heard in Jagjeet Singh and Chitra’s voice in a video available on YouTube.

Jimmy Choo Choo

Guri’s Punjabi number is another song with a brand name in its title that became a hit. Released in 2017, this song features the mention of Jimmy Choo, a shoe brand that’s known for creating fashionable women’s shoes.