Boht Hard By Emiway X Thoratt – Rapping Like There Is No Tomorrow

Not much of a sensible rap except some beats and swag

Boht Hard By Emiway X Thoratt - Rapping Like There Is No Tomorrow
Image Credit: YouTube

Guess what is rocking now on YouTube? Just when we were grooving to the rap music of Baadshah, we have for the rap lovers a great surprise. Emiway X Thoratt has brought to us his brand new rap, titled Boht Hard. While we failed to make head or tail out of the meaning of the title, this video is rocking nonetheless.

If you are looking for sensible rap, with some great message to convey, like the Bluffmaster of Bollywood gave us in the song “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hai”, then you have come to the wrong place. This latest rap song rules the world of nonsense. You probably will fail to fathom the lyrics of the rap even after listening to this piece of art for three to four times. You might not even like it all that much even after you have grown used to the obnoxious lyrics of the song.

When the song starts it gives us an impression with its hip-hop music that it is going to be a rocking number, which will keep us tapping our feet. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. We have to stay tuned almost to the middle of the song to gauge that the rappers are trying to say “bahut hard”; and that’s how the song got its title “Boht Hard”.

What is it then that song this nonsense verse so much likes? Undoubtedly, the song has some great stunts. If we look very closely, then just the starting of the music reminds of that classic video, “ABC of Dance”. Though the “Boht Hard” pretentious ones have not in the least lived up to the expectations of the rappers, they have maintained their swag. Be in the blingy auto or in the vacant metro compartment, they have had one thing as constant, and that is, their endless style and swag. The director of the song, Sam Mohan has done just one great thing, and that is, he has managed to get some great dancers on screen through this song. It must have been the awesome moves of the pretentious “Gully Boys” that have got this video 2.9 million views. And of course, however pretentious, they do their fair bit of swag se swagat to the listeners. We cannot help but appreciate how the rappers have carried themselves with unfathomable lyrics.

It maybe “Boht Hard” for the true rap lovers to lend a patient hearing to this piece of rap, but for others, who just want to have some fun, you can go for it.