‘Bijli Ki Taar’ Song From Tony Kakkar Is Another Mediocre Effort From The Singer

The music video of this one features Urvashi Rautela

‘Bijli Ki Taar’ Song From Tony Kakkar Is Another Mediocre Effort From The Singer
Image Credit: Twitter

The T-Series YouTube channel, which is known for somehow giving millions of views to utterly bad songs, has released yet another such track. Called ‘Bijli Ki Taar,’ this Tony Kakkar number makes it clear from the start that the least amount of effort needed to create a song has gone into it. The music is a mismatch, the lyrics are all over the place, and the singing has so much autotune, they might as well have used a robot to sing it.

Introduced as ‘the most electrifying song of the year,’ ‘Bijli Ki Taar’ starts with the lyrics, “Jab chhooti hai tu, dil mein wajti guitar hai. Jawani teri bijli ki taar hai. Chabbis taarikh se chadhya bukhar hai. Jawani teri bijli ki tar hai.” If that doesn’t sound mindless enough to you, the entire song is riddled with senseless lyrics. The further lyrics go, “Bijli ke khambhe jaisi khadi hai. Tere badan mein agni badi hai. Mujhe dikhati kiski tadi hai. Tu solah solah phuljhadi hai.”

No prizes for guessing that the lyrics have been penned by Tony Kakkar himself, who has also composed and sung this song. This music video of ‘Bijli Ki Taar’ features him along with Urvashi Rautela. At the start, she is shown to be a bike racer, but throughout the rest of the video, she does nothing but dance in front of the camera. This video has been directed by Shabby.

Tony Kakkar’s only big claim to fame has been the track ‘Coca Cola Tu,’ which became a massive hit on its arrival. He has composed and written songs for a few Bollywood films, but he still keeps his releases of music videos going.

You can completely skip listening to ‘Bijli Ki Taar,’ but if you really want to know how bad it is, do go ahead and watch the video we’ve posted above.