Best K-Pop Songs Of 2018

The genre that just keeps on giving

Best K-Pop Songs Of 2018
Image Credit: IMDB

This year more than ever, the K-pop genre spread outwards like wildfire. People from all over the world took to YouTube to discover this eccentric audiovisual spectacle featuring young South Korean artists. In the years gone by, K-pop wasn’t really looked at seriously due to many people considering it a fad rather than something that will hold relevance over time. But 2018 has proved them completely wrong. Let’s take a look at what K-pop songs dominated the charts this year.

Bad Boy – Red Velvet

Replete with R&B elements, Bad Boy is a peppy number that will easily manage to get you hooked to it. The song is also famous for being performed by Red Velvet in front of Kim Jong-un at a cultural diplomacy event.

Baby Don’t Stop – NCT

The bold whispering portions, the up-tempo beats, the unique production and the amazing choreography, together make Baby Don’t Stop an unforgettable track.

Love Scenario – iKON

Love Scenario will impress you with its relaxed vibe. Its melodies are created with piano chords and other simple instruments. This is one of iKON’s finest vocal performances moreover.

Fake Love – BTS

Fake Love is an excellent track from BTS, which grabs your attention with its trap beats, its ominous bass and its strong guitar portions. A hip-hop element is added to this song by the rap verses, moreover.

Ddu-Du Ddi-Du – Black Pink

YouTube has declared the video of this song as the most watched K-pop video of 2018. Once you’ll watch it yourself, you’ll realize the reason for it. The video goes incredibly well with the excellent song that Ddu-Du Ddi-Du is.

Shine – Pentagon

Shine by Pentagon is catchy in nature, and its piano-heavy music also makes it a very pleasant track to listen to. Rapper E’dawn is still present in this song, as the controversy regarding his relationship with Hyuna hadn’t surfaced by then.

I’m So Sick – Apink

More than anything, this song contributed to changing the image of the six-member Apink from just another K-pop band to a something with more character. I’m So Sick is just a brilliant song to listen to.

Egotistic – Mamamoo

Back in 2014, Mamamoo had one of the best K-pop debuts of all time, and they are still continuing the success right now. 2018 saw their song Egotistic receiving love from fans from all over the world.

Bbibbi – IU

This track was released to mark IU’s tenth year in the music industry of South Korea. It absolutely busted the charts when it arrived in October this year.

Nanana – Imfact

Imfact’s Nanana is characterized by sombre verses and upbeat choruses. The song features excellent music, and has even been blessed with a great music video.

Let us now wait and see what 2019 has in store for us in the world of K-pop.