Arjun Kanungo’s Gallan Tipsiyaan Is A Worthy Follow-up To Nikke Nikke Shots

A new party anthem?

Arjun Kanungo’s Gallan Tipsiyaan Is A Worthy Follow-up To Nikke Nikke Shots

Arjun Kanungo has been around in Bollywood since 2013, but he only entered the limelight when his own song ‘Baaki Baatein Peene Baad’ or as it’s popularly known ‘Nikke Nikke Shots’ started going viral. And now here he is with this new single titled ‘Gallan Tipsiyaan’ which too is a party song, but is only available in audio form, for now.

A video is apparently scheduled to arrive later this month, which means it will be there just in time for the party season. Arjun is signed with Sony Music, so keep an eye on their YouTube channel for the much-awaited video.

In the meantime however, ‘Gallan Tipsiyaan’ is available for listening on major streaming platforms. It’s a 3-minute song, but Arjun has still managed to showcase the stunning versatility of his voice in it. Written by Vayu of ‘Beat Pe Booty’ fame, the track tries to capture the fun spirit between friends during drunk conversations.

Electronic music dominates the song right from the start. Arjun Kanungo’s soft yet thick voice sets a leisurely tempo with the first verse. The music transitions completely during the chorus into fast-paced beats and heavy electronic sounds which are clearly inspired from Nucleya’s music. And the pattern is the same for the rest of the song.

More than anything ‘Gallan Tipsiyaan’ sounds fresh, despite the heavy Nucleya influence. And the credit for the same goes to Arjun’s unique voice. It suits the composition very well, and ends up highlighting his strong points.

Overall, ‘Gallan Tipsiyaan’ is a very impressive song. The arrival of its music video will surely give a boost to its popularity, and we might have for ourselves a new hit party song soon.

Listen to the song right here, right now:

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