A Band Of Boys Has A New Single Out In The Form Of Chhori

The band has returned after a gap of nine months

A Band Of Boys Has A New Single Out In The Form Of Chhori
Image Credit: YouTube

Following their reunion last year, A Band of Boys had been working in the shadows for nine months it seems, as their new single titled Chhori has just been released. A glimpse of this track had been given by the band at the recent Worli Festival, but now it has been fully released, along with a music video to go with it. The song has been put out via the Time Music channel on YouTube. It has been composed by Sugat Dhanvijay & Varkey Patani, who have also written the lyrics for it.

Chhori is a pretty standard pop song with EDM influences that are felt in some portions. The singing performances of the members are great, but the rap portions that have been included in the song really bring it down. The lines make little sense, and they give you a sense that they were forcefully pushed into the track. Otherwise, Chhori is a pretty good romantic song.

About the music video of the song, band member Sherin Varghese said, “The experience was a novelty as all of us had such different opinions on how to structure, sing the song and visualize the video. So the song went through its own metamorphosis and that journey was a great ride in itself. In the end, I’m glad that all of us got what we want out of it and hope this is reminiscent of the classic boy band tone that we are known for in today’s time and format.”

A Band of Boys had gained immense popularity during the early 2000s with their pop music. But the members had disbanded, and it was only in 2018 that they decided to come together again to create new music. Their first new song came last year in the form of Yuhin Jalne Ko, and since then, it has been a nine-month draught, but fans finally have a new track to listen to.

Speaking about this, vocalist Karan Oberoi said, “All of us have had a great career. Thanks to the wonderful music, people, artists, management, partners and fans in our lives. So, this time when we were to release new material in such a voracious consumer market which is so different from the album/music video era that we were conceived in, we had to be extra careful in the planning, commissioning, writing and delivery of this fresh content that we would be releasing in this phase of our lives. It had to be done keeping in mind the legacy that we have, and the fact that all of us are quite occupied with our solo careers.”

You can watch the music video of Chhori from A Band of Boys in the space above.