7 Rock Bands In India Worth Listening To

If you’re looking to discover new rock bands, why not give these Indian bands a listen?


When we think of rock music our mind immediately starts flashing images of Queen, Metallica, The Doors and other western bands that have had an unfathomable influence over the world. But the beauty of rock music lies in its unbounded nature and its ability to easily invoke so many emotions in the listener. So as is the case all over the world, India has also had its fair share of highly influential rock bands. Let us list out some of our favourite ones, so that you can enjoy their music as much as we do.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean’s brilliance lies in two things; its vocalists and its fusion-based music. The mesmerizing voice of lead vocalist Asheem Chakravarty can be found in all of their famous albums, but his death in 2009 left a huge void which it seems is still to be filled. As for the fusion part, the band is known for seamlessly combining Indian instruments and styles with western sounds.


Pentagram was mostly active during the 1990s, and hasbeen credited along with a few other bands to have pioneered the Indian independent music scene. Fronted by Vishal Dadlani of Vishal-Shekhar fame, this band dishes out electronic rock tunes so high on energy that they often leave you exhilarated upon listening to them. Some of their songs like Voice and Price of Bullets have also spoken about social issues.

Bhayanak Maut

Another highly regarded band from India is Bhayanak Maut which has been rocking its audiences with its groove metal songs since more than a decade. Famous for sharing the stage with Lamb of God, this band is also known to integrate social issues with their lyrics.

The Raghu Dixit Project

Fronted by Raghu Dixit, this group will force you to notice its songs if you ever listen to them. Its music is melodic and folksy, and very rooted in the Indian milieu. The Raghu Dixit Project has a unique sound which should indeed by experienced by every rock music fan once.


This is one band which has had a major influence over the Indian rock scene. Its power lies in fusion, with most of the songs incorporating instruments like the tabla and the flute with traditional rock patterns. Parikrama has always preferred giving its music away for free, and hence most of their songs can be grabbed easily from their official site.


Mystic lyrics and a blend of Carnatic and Hindustani Classical tunes come together in Agnee’s songs to mesmerize its listeners. Their love for Kabir’s Dohas has given us two of their most famous tracks in the form of Sadho Re and Kabira. The band has moreover been involved in a large number of Bollywood films as well.


Most bands in this list have established that language is no barrier when it comes to rock music, but the band that truly epitomizes this idea is Avial, with their Malayali lyrics and their alternative rock sound. Known for coming on stage dressed in lungis, Avial incorporates into its lyrics several social issues like the exploitation of tribals, fraud babas and more.

Tell us which one is your favourite?