5 Of The Best Songs Lorde Has Given Us

Some of the Kiwi singer's best work


She is one of the finest artists in the world right now, and has given us some really unforgettable music over the past few years. Lorde started her career in 2009, but was able to achieve mainstream success only in 2013. From thereon, the journey of this Kiwi singer, songwriter and record producer has been beyond phenomenal. Let us go through her best work and find out what her finest songs till date are.

Glory and Gore

Filled with dope beats and a catchy tune, Glory and Gore is an electropop track that has quite a bit of hip-hop influence in it. As its name suggests, this song’s lyrics are based on modern society’s fascination with violence and celebrity culture. It has been written by Lorde herself along with its producer, Joel Little.


Royals is another song which speaks about the travails of the luxury lives that today’s celebrities are living. It’s an electropop song which is part of her debut studio album Pure Heroine. What’s so interesting about Royals is its minimal production and lyrics. This makes it a unique composition which is augmented furthermore by Lorde’s voice.


Lorde wrote this song as a tribute to her friends and her country. This is a track which has been performed by her live on many occasions. Her vocal delivery in this one is just phenomenal, to say the least. Team also has a very neatly made music video supporting it.

Tennis Court

Also from her debut album, Tennis Court was a huge hit back in the day. It combines various musical styles and presents us with an unforgettable track that’s filled with intensity. Interestingly, its music video has been captured as one single shot with Lorde singing while looking into the camera.

Yellow Flicker Beat

This song was released as the lead single from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. It’s got a mysterious vibe going for it which intensifies as the song progresses. Lorde’s vocal performance in this one is also something to behold.

Those were the 5 tracks we think are the best that Lorde has given us. What’s your take?

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