5 Bollywood Songs For Summer

Beat the heat Bollywood style


5 days of summer is a phrase used to describe the summer in Britain, if one had to describe our Indian summer am sure it would be 500 days of summer as it just doesn’t seem to end!  Just to give you some temporary relief from the dreaded Indian summer , we’ve picked up 5 Bollywood songs that sum up the course of the summer season and its effect on the people :

1. Sunny Sunny

When the summer season initially sets in, we feel happy and our heart feels ‘Sunny Sunny’  just like Honey Singh describes in this song, from the film, Yaariyan

2. Sooraj Ke Bahoon Mein

The starting of summer also means it’s time for holidays and fun so we are elated and excited to be wrapped in the arms of summer exactly like the following song form the film Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.

3. Jiya Jale

As the summer progresses, it doesn’t seem as much fun as it did in the beginning, because the temperature only seems to be rising higher and higher and we start feeling uncomfortable and our body starts saying ‘Jiya Jale, Jaan Jale’ just like Lata Mangeshkar does in this song from the film Dil.

4.Pasina Pasina

It is said that it’s not summer until you are not drenched in your sweat and your body gets itchy. The ever increasing summer heat also brings with it some ‘Pasina’(sweat). Sung by Mohammed Rafi from the film,  Nai Roshni, enjoy ‘Pasina Pasina’

5. Ice cream Khaungi

When the summer heat becomes absolutely unbearable, all we can think of eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner is ice cream and also escaping to cooler destinations. If you can’t decide which place to head to, Palak Mucchal gives you a great destination idea for this summer, in the song: ‘Ice cream Khaungi Kashmir Jaungi’ from the Himesh Reshammiya starrer, The XPose. So get set pack and follow!