5 Best Violin Renditions By Sandeep Thakur on YouTube

This violin maestro is hard to ignore

5 Best Violin Renditions By Sandeep Thakur on YouTube
5 Best Violin Renditions By Sandeep Thakur on YouTube

He is one of the best-known violinists in India right now. Sandeep Thakur has blessed the music of some unforgettable songs which we have grown up with. These include the iconic violin tune that became synonymous with Mohabbatein. Over the years, he has worked with stalwarts from the industry like AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Vishal-Shekhar, Pritam and Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. Not too long ago, the ace violinist decided to create content for YouTube on his official channel. Here we’ve gathered for you some of the finest pieces he has posted on the channel till date.

Game of Thrones Theme

Those who watch Game of Thrones get a special kind of feeling that’s hard to describe, each time they listen to the theme song. Sandeep Thakur’s version too manages to do the same. It does not mess with the composition much, yet manages to give a superb twist with the violin.

Shape Of You

In this one, Sandeep gives the violin treatment to one of the most famous songs of last year, Shape of You. This Ed Sheeran number has been perfectly adapted as an instrumental by Sandeep. He himself admits that the song is an unusual one for a violin composition, but despite this, the final result is brilliant.

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

When this song was originally released as part of the movie Agneepath, it became a massive hit in no time. A few years later, Sandeep Thakur came up with this violin cover which almost manages to create the same magic again. If you love the song, you’ll definitely love the violin version.

Despacito, Cheap Thrills and The Ketchup Song

Here’s yet another excellent composition by Sandeep. This one mixes together not two, but three songs. He starts off things with Despacito, then moves on to Cheap Thrills and The Ketchup Song, transitioning between them so fluently that you won’t be able to make out when he switched songs.


Sandeep makes his violin weep in this brilliant rendition. Originally from the film Ek Villain, this song has been covered by Sandeep with utmost earnestness. It also features a short vocal performance by Avanie Joshi.

Sandeep Thakur takes a lot of time to release new videos. Here’s hoping his next one is right around the corner.

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