What’s The Difference Between Men And Condoms? Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please Has The Answer!

 Down some shots and get set for this show on Amazon Prime Video!


Amazon Prime is back with yet another interesting Prime Original series called Four More Shots Please. This is one show all of us women will surely relate to. The series follows the life of four Indian women from Urban India (Like the makers said mostly South Mumbai) but it is one that any woman urban or rural will relate to. It’s about women in general about their love lives, friendships, sisterhood, sexual fantasies, the feeling of freedom, etc.

The trailer was released today and it looks interesting and intriguing and like Pritish Nandy said men need not get intimidated by it because it is a great perspective of how women feel, think, behave and it could be an eye opener for men to understand women from that perspective. As for the women, there is a lot to look forward to including a certain hot male! Yes, THE Milind Soman returns to the silver screen with this show.

But what’s most special about the show is that it is an all women crew, right from the producer Rangita Pritish Nandy and Ishita Pritish Nandy to the cinematographer Neha Parti Matiyani, writer Devika Bhagat, dialogue write Ishita Moitra, editor Antara Lahiri and director Anu Menon. What fun! To be a part of an all women crew. And then there is the all girl cast too; Sayani Gupti, Kriti Kulhari, Bani J and Maanvi Garoo who play the main leads in the show. The show does look like the gang had a lot of fun! Female friendships after all, are the most fun kind of friendships aren’t they?

No wonder then that the cast and crew had so much to say about the show during the release of the trailer. The ladies shared their experiences about the show. Speaking about it Sayani said, “In this show All the women own sex they are not victims or subjected to, it that’s the difference when a woman writes such a story.” Talking about how it was working for the show with an all women crew, she added, “It was like walking into a women’s room, very comfortable. Anu is 13th women director I have actually worked with. I am so amazed by the strength and power that goes in when a woman is writing and running a show. We had a ball.”

Bani who play the a character called Umang a ‘bindaas’ chick. Said, “There is a lot of similarity between me and the character I play. I related to Umang. Quite a bit but initially I didn’t think I could do justice to the role but Umang like me lives her life exactly the way she wants!”

Kirti on the other hand plays a bad ass single mom said the team. She plays Anjana, a single and extremely independent parent who knows where she is heading in life. “People ask me how did I play the part, as I am not a mother yet in real life but I would say that I am an actor and I am supposed to play anything and everything that comes my way. I played it the way I would do any other character. I have a natural way with kids so I guess the makers saw that too. At the same time my character Anjana is as flawed, complex and insecure like all of us,” added Kirti.


The protagonists of Four More Shots Please

Maanvi plays Siddhi, a young and vulnerable woman in the show. She said, “I just wanted to be a part of the show by hook or crook because the idea of so many women working together sounded so exciting and fun.What I found exciting about my character was that she is someone who is vulnerable, virginal(LAUGHS) and complex.I wanted to get into that character.”

The all women crew behind the show

Director Anu who has films like London Paris New York, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi, Waiting, etc. to her credit said that women and men have to co- exist and even though here the protagonists are the women, they have some wonderful men in the show too. “The show is all about the stuff we women talk about with our friends. It captures the energy of friendship.It was very liberating to direct a show like this,” added Anu.

While Rangita the tiny, yet fierce woman, who brought this whole team together for the show said, “I am living through the characters.”

I am sure most of us will do the same too as we watch the show! Here’s to more women power! Bring me the shots please!