Wanna Know What An Orgasm Is Called In Hindi? Watch The Trailer Of Veere Di Wedding

A trailer review just as honest and outspoken as the dialogues of Veere Di Wedding!

Trailer Of Veere Di Wedding

The trailer launch of Veere Di Wedding saw the four actors from this #notachickflick film; Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania walk in dressed in formal dresses and high, high heels adoring their feet. What caught my eye was the way these women didn’t need a male to escort them to the stage but it was heartwarming to see them lend each other a hand to help them walk down the aisle of the theater in their high heels!

Veerey Di Wedding Cast

Veerey Di Wedding Cast
The all-female cast of Veere Di Wedding at the trailer launch

Credits- instagram.com

It was as if they were proving their point that we can do without a hero in our film! On a serious note, the trailer of Veere Di Wedding looked good, why I say so is because it’s nice to see a Hindi movie that is not about a hero and a heroine for once neither is it about a coming of age film about four men off on an adventure. This one’s for all us chicks, where there are not 2 but 4 female leads and the film is all about a girl gang! It’s about how your best friends turn into family.

The film as the trailer and the actors revealed is a comedy-drama based on 4 friends who are at completely different stages in their life as far as their personal relationships are concerned. While Kareena who plays Kalindi is going through a complicated marriage, Swara is on the verge of a divorce, Shikha on the other elopes with her boyfriend and Sonam hasn’t found anyone to get married to. Basically, as the trailer says the four of them at an uncertain stage in life and are trying to figure out life. Talking about their bonding in the film Sonam said, “I’m working with friends so chemistry was not hard to achieve.”

Veerey Di Wedding poster

Veerey Di Wedding poster
The poster shows how life with your gang of girls can be so much fun!

Credits- movie- Veerey Di Wedding

The film has some savage dialogues by none other than the master of savage dialogue delivery, Swara, the one in the trailer had Swara telling a shocked looking man; “Rajma-chawal kaun banayega tere liye roz roz NRI C….!”(Beep!) or the one where Shikha tells her friends what an orgasm is called in Hindi.

In short, looks like Veere Di Wedding will be a film that every girl will relate to and can expect a lot of ‘seetis’ from the female junta at the theaters!

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