Tumbbad Movie Review: A Visually Brilliant Film With A Relevant Message!

Tumbbad takes you back in time and how!


Tumbbad is a mythological story about a goddess who created the entire universe. The plot revolves around the consequences when humans build a temple for her first-born son Hastar who was very greedy and the curse he faces. It is all about greed and wanting too much and the consequences one faces because of this greed.Tumbbad has been in the news as it was the opening film at the Venice Film Festival’s critic week.

It is said that Sohum Shah spent almost 6 years to make this film.Tumbbad is a dark period fantasy that chronicles a secret, passed over three generations and the story takes place in three chapters between 1918 and 1947. The film is set against the backdrop of colonial India. As mighty and strong as the word Tumbbad might sound, Tumbbad is nothing but the name of a small fictitious town in Maharashtra, it’s the events that take place in this small town that has you literally shivering!

The cinematography, sets, location, costumes, and VFX are what makes the film visually brilliant. One can see that a lot of research has gone into making the film. Technically and visually the film is outstanding. Tumbbad takes you back to India in 1918 to 1947 post Independence. A special mention to the way they have filmed the womb of the goddess, it is absolutely brilliant. It’s a horror/thriller film with a difference, something we haven’t seen before.

Sohum Shah’s performance in Tumbbad is outstanding

However, what I did feel is that the narrative could have been a little better for the audience to understand. There could have been some more explanation. The performances were excellent especially Sohum Shah and all the child actors of the film. They were very real and actually looked like they belonged to that era.

The child actors in Tumbbad deserve a huge round of applause!

Tumbad is directed by first time director Rahi Anil Barve and produced by Soham under his production house, Recyclewala Production. The film is scary, has some gory zombie-like visuals which may not be a good idea for the faint hearted but the film has a wonderful message.

Watch the film if you like thriller and horror and especially if you like films that are out of the box.