Top Three Recent Netflix Originals To Catch This Diwali Weekend

If you’re planning a quiet me time during the Diwali break, here’s a list of some Netflix Originals you might enjoy

Top Three Recent Netflix Originals To Catch This Diwali Weekend
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Don’t like all the noise and pollution created by the firecrackers on Diwali? Join the gang! Diwali is one of my favorite festivals, I just love the festive season in the air but not the noise of the firecrackers, it is something I despise. While getting together with family and friends is fun, sometimes all you want to do is just put your feet up, relax and make the most of the long weekend break.

Also while most of us are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends, there are many who spend Diwali alone either by choice or otherwise. There are many ways to make the most of the long weekend and your me time, one of them is to catch all the shows/movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime!

If that’s what you’re planning to do this Diwali, here’s a list of our favorite Netflix Originals that you might enjoy too.

The Judgement: A Contrast Between Traditional Values And Modern Upbringing

Though The Judgement is Teen-oriented, it has been maturely written for the older audience to enjoy too. This Thai drama set in a university that takes pride in standards and traditions populated with young adults who are entering adulthood and learning about the ways of the world, about relationships etc. The protagonist is a young woman, Lookkaew.

The Holiday Calendar: Get Set For The Next Holiday!

The Holiday Calendar will set you into the holiday spirit. Even though it’s a Christmas flick, it’s a great watch even during your Diwali break. The Holiday Calendar is about an underpaid and overworked employee ( A story most of us will relate to!). Abby hates her job but she has no choice but to do it in order to bring food to the table. Its when her friend Josh enter her life, that her life changes. It’s a warm film that will make you look forward to Christmas!

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead: A Film About A Film!

Directed by Morgan Neville, They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is an American documentary film that released this August and was released by Netflix. The film revolves around the making and filming of The Other Side of the Wind, directed by Orson Welles. It’s an interesting film about an aging film director trying to finish his last great movie.

It will be interesting to follow this up with The Other Side Of The Wind which is also on Netflix. While there are many more Netflix Originals to pick from, these were our most recent top favorites. Hope you enjoy them too!