The New Spider-Man Trailer Will Give You The Chills!

ALERT: Avengers- Endgame spoilers ahead. Although, shame on you if you haven’t watched it yet.

The New Spider-Man Trailer Will Give You The Chills!
Image Credit: Movie - Spider-Man: Far from Home

We are all still VERY MUCH hung-over on The Endgame. Even today, several scenes from the epic movie flash in front of my eyes just at the thought of Marvel or err.. Iron-man! *sobs*

But, life goes on! And so does Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even with the end of a phase, the MCU has a lot going and a lot to look forward to. And on top of that list is the new Spider-Man movie- Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before we really start talking about it, take a look-

What? Did it make your hangover worse? Did it give you Goosebumps? Did it make you remember HIM and cry? It did all of the above to me! To be honest, I am not even in a position to critically analyze this trailer. All I can write down here for you is how I felt! And there are just three words for that – I MISS IRONMAN!

“You can rest now”
“You can rest now”

Image Credit: Movie – Avengers

Okay, forgive me for making this about Iron Man. Here’s what we saw in the Spider-Man trailer!

Before the tailor, we see Tom Holland warning us of The End Game spoilers in the trailer ahead. Well, cute? I guess?

As the trailer begins, we find Spider-Man still mourning the loss of Mr. Stark and not knowing how to move on! The atmosphere gets really emotional and Goosebumps(y) just before the badass Nick Fury shows up along with Mysterio to take Spider-Man on his new mission.

One of the craziest things we saw in the trailer is MJ straightaway calling Peter Parker, Spider-Man! Does that mean he will let her inside this little (no really) secret of his! We’ll find that out in the movie.

With lines like “The world needs a new Iron Man”, the trailer really taps on our emotional senses that are highly active after The End Game.

In the trailer, we also see Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) branding himself as a hero. Well, that’s confusing. Because as far as the comics are concerned, Mysterio is supposed to be one of the most prominent villains in the Spider-Man franchise! This actually makes the trailer pretty Mysterious (Pun intended). How the story takes form and what’s in store for us remains to be seen.

Let’s see how Peter Parker aka The Spider-Man fairs as he is torn between his mission (and responsibility) to save the world and his school vacation. No, I am not kidding!

The movies is all set to release on July 5th, 2019.