Super 30 Movie Review : Super!

Great content, brilliant performances


Hrithik Roshan starrer, Super 30 is a biopic based on the life of mathematician, Anand Kumar, who runs the Super 30 coaching class for underprivileged students, in Patna. This coaching centre offers free tuition and boarding every year, for 30 students aspiring to get into the IITs. Anand Kumar’s Super 30 coaching class has been hailed internationally and Anand has earned great recognition for his selfless service.

Hrithik Roshan is brilliant as mathematician Anand Kumar

The story itself is an inspiring one, and the crisp narrative only adds in making the film an interesting and engrossing watch. The first half is mostly about how Anand’s family had huge aspirations for him and how they believed in him, even when the rest of the world didn’t. There are some beautiful moments in the first half, like the one where the father and mother are all excited about Anand going to Cambridge and they go all out to make sure he has warm clothes, or the one where Anand’s younger brother played by Nandish Sandhu and his mother do a little dance to express their happiness.There are some scenes that look a little over dramatised, but then again, what’s a Bollywood film without a lil’ drama right?

The struggles shown in Super 30 are realistic

It would have been nice to see more of the romance between Anand and his girlfriend, played by Mrunal Thakur. I felt that Mrunal’s talent could have been used better, though she does manage to make an impact in the limited screen time she was given. Mrunal’s expressions, especially in the scene in the car, where she is having a conversation with her husband is unpretentious.

Mrunal Thakur has limited screen space in Super 30

Hritik is brilliant in the film. One can see the tremendous effort he has put in to play the part. He is unbelievably good in some of the scenes. It takes some time to get used to Hrithik’s Bihari accent, but it grows on you.

Nandish Sandhu as Anand’s younger brother plays a quiet but strong support to him

Nandish as Pranav, Anand’s support system, and younger brother needs a special mention for portraying the character with so much conviction. Virendra Saxena as Anand’s father has played his part well too. Amit Sadh as the bold kurta with jeans clad journalist

Pankaj Tripathi, as the education minister who makes false promises, is at his usual comic best, and he makes the film lighter with his witty dialogues and expressions. The biggest round of applause goes to all the young actors, who play Anand’s underprivileged students. All of them have done a fantastic job.

Hrithik and Nandish with the young supporting actors who play the students in a scene from the film

My most favorite scene in the film is when Anand’s students perform a play during Holi at the coaching center for the rich kids. The scene is very well thought of and executed equally well too. It’s one of those scenes that sends a lump to your throat, and makes you smile at the same time.

Super 30 is wrapped in emotions, and it’s the kind of film that will inspire you to dream big!