Spiderman Into The Spider Verse Movie Review: Fun, Relatable, Fresh And Absolutely Entertaining!

What makes you different is what makes you Spiderman!


I was one of the privileged few to feast my eyes on Sony’s latest Spiderman film. Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse is Sony’s attempt to bringing this web-slinging superhero to the big screen. This one is in animated form and from a different perspective, that of a teenager Miles Morales.

Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider after which he develops powers that transform him into Spider-Man. He also stumbles upon a machine that allows other universes to collide and these universes have other spidermen and spider women too. Miles uses his newfound powers to fight against Kingpin, who owns the machine that can open portals to other dimensions. That’s when Miles teams up with all the other Spider people.


Miles uses his newfound powers to fight against Kingpin

For all Spiderman fans especially the old animated version of Spiderman, this is a delightful watch. In fact, I enjoyed this more than the other Spiderman films. This one is more impactful when it comes to the narrative and the storytelling is great. The characters are brilliant and the film manages to make you laugh. It is not only all serious and fighting the bad guys, but the film is full of great humour, making the film fun and extremely enjoyable.

Miles is also different from the more than perfect superheroes making him more real and relatable. I like the whole idea of the comic book feel to the movie, it’s like watching your favorite comic come alive. The character of Miles is real and deals with so much in life but overcomes everything.


The film is visually stunning. What I loved most in the film was the relationship between Miles and Peter Parker (Jake Johnson). The best scene was where Peter teaches Miles how to web-swing from tree to tree in the Hudson Valley. Though humor rules the film, there are some surprisingly emotional moments in Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse.

The film also has a great message for everyone. It tells the audience that there’s something special and great about each and every one of us and sometimes all we need is to have faith in ourselves and take that leap of faith. Isn’t that such a wonderful message to keep in mind? This movie is everything a Spiderman fan would want and more, so go watch it on 14 December.