Rubaru Roshni: Impactful And Thought Provoking


Everyone’s talking about Aamir Khan’s Rubaru Roshni . The film has been getting rave reviews from all who have watched it and rightly so. We too had the privilege of watching this film before its release on Republic Day and all I can say is I haven’t watched a film that has impacted me so much in a long long time. It’s a film that makes you think deeply and re-evaluate your life.

No wonder then that Aamir wanted this film to reach each and every house in India because it is a film that everyone no matter what age, religion, caste or creed need to watch it. Director Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal said that Aamir did not need much convincing after she narrated him the story in brief. Speaking about it Aamir said, “Even though I had no idea how I would release this film, I knew it was important to take these stories out to the audience and television was the best way of getting into every house. This has made me rethink my own life.”

Rubaru means face to face and this film will definitely bring you face to face with a completely different perspective on life.”As the film went on, many of my preconceived notions were crumbling,” added Svati. It’s a film that required no script and doesn’t have one! The only script is perhaps Aamir’s voice as the narrator.

Since Aamir wanted to take the film to the whole of India, it has being dubbed in seven different regional languages. Star World will show the original version, while Star Plus will show the Hindi language. All the languages will be covered by the Star Network. It will air for just one day on 26 January on Star Networks and will later be on Hotstar followed by Netflix for the world audience.

Rubaru Roshni is a must watch, so get set to watch this unique film on 26 January.