Rajma Chawal Movie Review: Uncluttered, Light And Some Great Performances By The Actors

Watch this Netflix film with your dad this weekend for a change


Rajma Chawal the film that released on Netflix is much like the dish which feels like home for some of us, a film that gives you a sense of comfort. It has a familiar feeling of home, something that a lot of us can relate to. Rajma Chawal starring Rishi Kapoor, Aparshakti Khurrana, Anirudh Tanwar, and Amyra Dastur among others is a bittersweet film about a father-son relationship.

Director Leena Yadav has garnished this simple story about a father and son very well, giving us a heartwarming film which deals with a real life like relationship between a father and son. After the sudden death of his wife, Mathur (Rishi Kapoor) decides to move to the place where he grew up in Chandni Chowk but his son, Kabir (debutant Anirudh Tanwar) is not very happy about the move and has no sentimental connect with the place. He’s upset because he has to move away from his friends which also leads to the breakup of his band.

Rajma Chawal is a heartwarming film about a father and son relationship


The film has been shot in real locations and that only adds to the colorful, chaotic flavour of the film. The film is all about a generation gap between the father and son, something most parents and their children go through. Leena’s brilliant direction is not only uncluttered and light but has a warm touch to it makes the film absolutely enjoyable.

Rishi Kapoor has been aptly cast, he’s one of the best things about the film. His role as the father who’s trying his best to be friends with his son after the death of his wife’s death will make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Both Anirudh and Amyra who play young lovers are good too. But it’s actor Aparshakti Khurrana who elevates the film and steals the scenes. What is also notable is the cinematography by Australian cinematographer Donald McAlpine who shot films like Moulin Rouge and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, who captures the feel of Chandni Chowk perfectly.

Rajma Chawal is a sweet, honest and lovable film. Catch it this weekend, better still watch it with your dad for a change.