New Poster From Zero: Who Is This New Co-Star Of Shah Rukh Khan?

You will love the chemistry they share!

New Poster From Zero: Who Is This New Co-Star Of Shah Rukh Khan?
Image Credit: Movie - Zero

Shah Rukh Khan who has always stolen a thousand hearts by being the King of Romance is all prepared and set to come on screen with his next big project ‘Zero.’ This film is very unlike all other films the King of Bollywood has done before. With the star cast of Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan himself, the latest film ‘zero’ has been creating a lot of hype and enthusiasm among people at large. The hype has been heightened with only one day to go for the release of this film and the sharing of a new poster by Shah Rukh Khan!

This new poster stars Shah Rukh and a Chimpanzee by his side, which is indeed raising a lot of eyebrows among his fans and aficionados. The film stars have been promoting their upcoming film through interviews, appearances on television shows and in diverse other ways. They have left no stones unturned to bring out this film to the audience and reach out to the masses with a film unique in its approach. Shah Rukh’s character as a dwarf is something he has never been seen in before neither as Anushka Sharma as a scientist affected by cerebral palsy.

The film will also have A-listed actors in Bollywood in cameo roles. But, this new character of the film, the chimpanzee is something the audience and the press were unaware of! This has brought in a massive element of surprise into the industry and beyond! With such a different storyline, it is actually a matter of curiosity now, regarding how the chimpanzee is going to be showcased as a character on screen within the film!

The poster has Shah Rukh Khan and the Chimpanzee talking about the stars as the city of Mumbai sleeps in peace. The film’s trailer which has been the talking point for some time now, ends with the launching of a rocket. This is making the audience eager to understand the realise what the plot of the film is actually about! Though this film ‘Zero’ has actors playing very separate characters, linking them together is what the audience is looking forward towards!

This film is not at all predictable and it is something of a speculation till now. Hopefully Zero, the film will be a blockbuster and will provide the audience with a heart-warming story that they will be able to take forward and relish even later!