Simmba Movie Review: Seetis…Seetis And More Seetis!

Ranveer Singh is roarrrring and how! What a way to end the year

Simmba Movie Review: Seetis...Seetis and More Seetis!
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I hadn’t gone all out and enjoyed a movie blowing seeties and taalis and cheering out loud, in a long long time until Simmba came along! I went all out blowing seetis after seetis until my daughter threatened to disown me because she was embarrassed ‘coz I forgot I was there to review the movie and not behave like an ‘aam janta’ and go all out tapori style! I forgot all about the bad stomach infection that I was nursing too! I watched it like a mass audience because it is a Rohit Shetty film bhau!

Simmba is an out and out entertainer! Though the story is simple, about a corrupt police officer whose life takes a 360 degree turn when he is transferred to Miramar, Goa. He not only finds the love of his life there but also turns into a fresh new leaf when tragedy strikes.

Ranveer Singh as Sangram Bhalerao is charismatic and infectious. He makes what could have been a dark and serious second half light and enjoyable with his cocky dialogue delivery and expressions. But he even makes you tear up in a scene where he apologises to an elderly man whom he has wronged. He also has perfect comic timing and I think he should do more of it!He has some great dialogues in the film and he seems to be having so much fun with his character as Simmba. Simmba is all Ranveer!

Ranveer Singh’s comic timing in Simmba is brilliant!
Ranveer Singh’s comic timing in Simmba is brilliant!

Sara Ali Khan sadly had very little to do in the film other than serve food to the cops at the police station and sing a romantic song with Simmba but we don’t blame her or the makers because the film and story is all about Simmba. Ashutosh Rana as police constable Mohile is brilliant too. I especially loved the scene where Simmba and Mohile are drinking on the terrace and have a meaningful conversation over their drinks.

Sara Ali Khan didn’t have much to do in Simmba
Sara Ali Khan didn’t have much to do in Simmba

There are some typically Rohit Shetty kind of predictable scenes in the film but one really doesn’t seem to mind it at all.The action sequences are stylised and fun to watch. Aankh Maare is the icing on the cake in the first half of the film and I was humming along with them.

Some might say the film is illogical but who cares about logic when the film leaves you with no time to get bored? Simmba is a total masaledaar film with a very strong and much needed message but at the same time not over the top preachy and manages to entertain and how! Didn’t Vidya Balan say that films and actors are all about Entertainment…Entertainment …..AND…Entertainment!

“Mind is blowing” says Simmba whenever he is in a happy state of mind and that’s exactly what Simmba does to you…Mind is blowing after watching the film! Simmba is a total paisa vasool! Take your whole family this weekend!