Mother’s Day Special: 4 Movies To Watch With Your Mom Today!

One of the best ways of spending Mother’s Day with your mom is watching a relevant movie with her!

Mother's Day Special: 5 Movies To Watch With Your Mom Today!
Image Credit: Movie - Nil Battey Sannata (2016)

It is Mother’s Day today and most of you are thinking of ways to make your Mom happy on this special day. While many of have bought a present, many have arranged a lunch/dinner, many have made a personalized gift, there are always those who are looking forward to a warm and cozy movie time with your mum. If that’s your plan, we are with you! We love this plan and so, here is a small list of most special movies for you to choose from!

Nil Battey Sannata – A Very Special Mother-Daughter Relationship

Nil Battey Sannata portrays a very special mother-daughter relationship. Swara Bhaskar plays the role of Chanda Sahay, a high-school drop-out household maid and single mother of an angry young girl, Apeksha (Ria Shukla). The movie is themed around a regular person’s dreams and their will to come out of the social plight they have been brought up in. Chanda, in an attempt to get Chanda do well in her exams, enrolls herself in the same school and class as her daughter. Chanda wants her daughter to get very well educated and lead a life of a respected member of the society. The graph of their relationship is amazing to witness and the dialogues are superbly written.

Kya Kehna – A Movie Ahead Of Its Time

This is movie that released way back in 2000 but in retrospect was way ahead of its time. The movie stars Preity Zinta who played the role of Priya, a young woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock. The movie is about her fight against the conservative society and its unfair judgment after her decision to have the baby. The movie brings a very important issue into the limelight and does complete justice to it without unnecessarily romanticizing it. We can easily say that the movie was in fact path-breaking for its time.

Paa​ ​- A Wonderful Story Of A Single Mother

The movie that got widely popular for two reasons. One was Amitabh Bachhchan unbelievable look and acting and the second was beautifully written relationship of mother and a son. The movie touched everyone’s heart with its emotional dialogues and very carefully crafted moments. Vidya Balan beautifully plays the role of a strong single mother who lovingly nurtured her child, Auro, after discovering he had a genetic disorder that was causing him to age prematurely. Their relationship is so beautiful and pure that it will brings tears to your eyes.

Mom – The Title Says It All

If your mamma is a fan of crime thrillers, this is the perfect movie for the day. The movie released in 2017 and is Sridevi’s last film before her untimely demise. Sri Devi plays a very interesting role in the movie where she becomes a vigilante to exact revenge against the men who had raped and murdered her step-daughter. The movie celebrates a Mother’s will and her strength. It also shows how a mother can go to any extent for her children.

So which movie did you choose? Have a nice time! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this! We love you!