Who Inspired Saif Ali Khan’s Look In Chef

How costumes play a big part in a movie


Saif Ali Khan will soon be seen playing a father to a young boy in his forthcoming film Chef. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, the trailer of the film has struck the right chord with the audience and movie connoisseurs have not only taken notice of the mouth-watering ‘foodgasm’ scenes and Saif’s culinary skills, but also his casual yet contemporary everyday Dad look!

Well, true to his chef-father avatar the actor’s clothes had to depict a convincing easy-going style and hence the designers took inspiration from urban dads in our country. The kind of look that Saif is sporting in the film is something that one will see young fathers wear on their day out with their kids when they’re lounging around at leisure or on holidays.

The costumes for the film have been designed by Anirudh Singh and Dipika Lal. Speaking exclusively to HFT, Anirudh said it has been a great experience designing the costumes for Saif. “Initially he was a little hesitant but the director Raja Krishna Menon helped to break the ice. Once we were on the same page, then it was easy and Saif was very supportive. He also understood why we were giving him the kind of costumes he is seen wearing in the film.”

According to the designers, the costumes reflect the mood of the character in the film. “In the scenes where Roshan, (Saif’s character in the film) is in New York, he’s seen wearing overcoats in shades of gray and that is a reflection of his mood, it’s more pensive and sombre. But in the scenes that take place in Cochin, where he is seen bonding with his son, we’ve used more color, we’ve given him clothes like Bermudas and shorts that are more casual and fun. The costumes are vibrant colors, which again reflects his happy state of mind,” informs Anirudh. “Raja was great he gave us enough freedom to think out of the box,” adds Anirudh.

Talking about the same, Raja says, “While styling Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan), I wanted a very casual creative every day look so naturally, we veered towards shorts with t-shirts or shirts, jeans, etc., clothes that you would see a young father wear nowadays. It’s simple but that’s what I love about it.”

The makers of Chef say: Serving Hot on 6 October! And we’re waiting to relish it!