Fraud Saiyyan Movie Review: “Arshad Warsi Where Was Your Hosh When You Signed This Film?”

Did we just hear him say “Out for a stroll Sir!”?


I’ve been in a state of complete shock all day ever since I watched Fraud Saiyaan! What was this movie? Why would anyone make a movie like this and why would anyone want to invest in a movie like this? Worst still, what was Arshad Warsi who is otherwise a brilliant actor, thinking while signing the film? Was he blind folded while signing on the dotted line or did he have to do it at gunpoint? Seriously why?

The story is about a certain Bhola Prasad Tripathy (Arshad) who conveniently makes a living by duping women. He marries 13 different women and he never gets caught except when the film has to end! The women in this film are all sex starved and dumb! That’s the plot in a nutshell. (Forgive me if my review is too short because I actually have nothing much to say about this film. The lesser said the better!)

Arshad Warsi is the runaway bridegroom in Fraud Saiyaan


Fraud Saiyaan is produced by Prakash Jha’s daughter, Disha Prakash Jha, wish she had borrowed his sensibilities while choosing a script rather than just borrowing the money to produce the film! With parents like the brilliant filmmaker Prakash Jha and actress Deepti Naval to back her and guide her, we obviously expected a sensible, well made film. But instead what we get is pure trash! The film degrades women and how.

The film is said to be a comedy but that too is forced and hardly makes you laugh.Sense and sensibility seem to have definitely gone on a hike while choosing a script and screenplay like this.

One of the many marriages from Fraud Saiyaan !
One of the many marriages from Fraud Saiyaan !

Among the women, the only face you do recognize is Elli Avram! The rest look like they’ve walked in straight from those saas bahu soaps on television, with terrible acting skills! As for Saurabh Shukla, he is good at what he does but my question to him too again is “Why?”

I was actually so relieved when the Chamma Chamma song started! What hurts most is that this film comes from a Prakash Jha Films banner, has talented actors like Arshad Warsi and Saurab Shukla and what do we get in the end? An inferior quality film! What a waste of everything, including our time!

P.S If you really hate someone, buy them tickets for Fraud Saiyaan!