Chef Movie Review: A Loveable Adaptation With A Desi Soul Stirring Tadka

Go on a gastronomical and emotional adventure with Chef Saif Ali Khan


The story of Chef in brief: A three-star Michelin chef, Roshan Kalra (Saif) gets fired from his job in New York because he punches a customer at the restaurant. He then flies to Kochi to spend some time with his son Arman (Svar) who lives with his ex-wife Radha Menon (Padmapriya). He goes there with the idea of spending a few days but ends up spending more time with his wife and son. When his wife gets to know he’s been thrown out of his job, she suggests him to come up with his own food truck. Her good friend Biju (Milind Soman) offers his rundown double-decker minibus.

Saif looks ‘delectable’ in the film, he’s like old wine, he’s looking better and better as he ages. He plays this cool dude dad that every pre-teen and teen would love to have (moms of teens wouldn’t mind either!). Everything about him from his body language to his expressions (I especially loved the expressions he makes every time he meets Biju), the way he carries his costumes, his interactions with his son is absolutely loveable.

Svar plays a pre-teen that you can identify with. He’s a brilliant actor and not your typical over the top Hindi film kid that we see so often in Bollywood films. He’s very convincing as Saif’s son and makes the scenes and conversations between the father and son a pleasure to watch.

Padmapriya as Radha is very relatable, she proves that one need not have a zero size figure to look attractive and real in a film.

Right from the beginning till the end, the film is all about food, which was kind of a torture especially since most of us rushed for the preview straight from the office and were very hungry! It will also make you want to go on a fun-filled road trip.Amidst all the fun and food, there are scenes in the film that might leave you teary-eyed and tug at your heartstrings.

Director Raja Krishna Menon’s version of Chef is a beautifully made and refreshing film. While it would be wrong to compare the Jon Favreau version with this, if I had to be really honest, I’d say I enjoyed our desi version even more!

Go watch Chef and take your kids along. There is a lot to take home from the film.


P.S: This is what the film did to me: I rushed back home to make a Saif inspired Rotza (Roti pizza) for my little girl since I hadn’t cooked for her for a while. After watching the film I felt I had to do this for her.