Is Bollywood Going To Get Its Baahubali With Padmavati?

4 Visuals from Padmavati trailer that reminded us of Baahubali

Is Bollywood Going To Get Its Baahubali With Padmavati?

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is known for the grandeur of his films, is all geared up for his upcoming film Padmavati. Starring his two favorites – Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor, who is working with Bhansali for the first time, the movie’s trailer was released yesterday.

Grand set, great music, character detailing (going by the looks at least), the trailer has already made movie buffs counting down to the days of the movie’s release.

On that note, a thought that crossed our mind was – has Bhansali tried giving us a Baahubali-sh product to Bollywood?

These 4 visuals from the 3-minute long trailer actually compelled us to think, if Padmavati can give Bollywood its 1st Baahubali:

1. Queen Padmavati Reminded Us Of Queen Devsena’s Elegance

2. Alauddin Khilji Reminded Us Of Kalakeya

3. Those Battle Field Scenes Gave Us Goosebumps

4. Padmavati’s Aggression & Devsena’s Fierce