9 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Frankenstine

Are you ready to be spooked?

things we bet you didnt know about frankenstine

Everyone is familiar with the big green monster, with a flat head and ugly black stitches on the forehead. Frankenstine is one of the most popular pieces of fiction, about a mad scientist who creates a monster like creature. Did you know some fun facts about the Frankenstine movie that was adapted from a novel by Mary Shelly? Many more Frankenstine movies have been made after that. The latest one was the 2015, Victor Frankenstine starring Harry Porter aka Danielle Radcliff. The film was told from Igor’s perspective and shows how Frankenstein became the legend we know today.

We bring you some fun facts about the first Frankestine movie that you probably didn’t know:

1. The first Frankenstine movie was a short silent movie.

first Frankenstine movie (Image Source: wonderalliance)

2. Frankenstine was never given a proper name; Frankenstine is not the name of the monster. It is the name of the doctor in the movie. The monster didn’t have a name; it was called creature, devil, ogre, and demon.

Frankenstine(Image Source: youtube)

3. The author of Frankenstine, Mary Shelly, wanted the monster to be attractive and not green but when the book came alive, the creature turned into a grotesque yellow in the first film and eventually became green in colour in the other Frankenstine films.

4. The author got the idea for the name Frankensteine from an old castle in Germany called the Frankenstine Castle. The castle still exists there and aptly hosts a huge Halloween festival every year.Frankenstine Castle(Image Source: Wikipedia)

5. Frankenstein was the first ever popular science fiction novel, which also made the concept of the ‘mad scientist” famous. It was because of this book that the term ‘Frankenstine’ became common to be used as a meaning for something horrendous or unnatural and scary.

6. The most iconic Frankenstine movie to have been released is the one that released in 1931 but it was considered to be controversial and a lot of the scenes were said to be very violent and hence some scenes were cut. Two scenes were asked to be censored from the film. (Pehlaj Nihalani’s did exist then too?)

Frankenstine movie poster(Image Source: assimerahollywood.wordpress)

7. It took hours to do the monsters make up every day. The monsters shoes weighed about 13 pounds each.

Frankenstine make up (Image Source: pinterest)

8. The actor, Boris Karloff who played the famous Frankenstine and was known for his typecast in horror films, in the film didn’t even get invited for the premier of the film since he wasn’t well known But once Frankenstine became a huge hit, his name Karloff became a brand, it was enough for people to recognise him. He also played the character of the Grinch in the famous Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Boris Karloff (Image Source: bestmoviesbyfarr)

9. Eerily Boris Karloff died in a village in Bramshott in England and this village was said to be the most haunted in the country and Boris Karloff is said to be still roaming the streets.

If you are a Frankenstein fan, it’s a great idea to head there for your next holiday. Happy Frankenstine Day guys!