7 Short Films On Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss

You can even binge watch these short films on your weekends!

Short Films On Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are in the mood to watch something quick and amazing at the same time, then you shouldn’t miss out on these short films that stream on Netflix. If you’re in the mood for binge watching this weekend, just lie down on your bed and watch the following short films.

Heroin(e) Stars Three Female Actors

This 2017 American documentary film is based on the opioid epidemic that has gripped the city. It follows the local non-profit institutions to help people to come out from the grip of heroin and the harmful drugs to nullify them.

Darling Is A Psychology Thriller

If you are the one who likes psychology thriller, then this is a must watch. Darling opens with a warning message, “ film contains flashing lights and hallucinatory images.” The film is about a young caretaker of the New York apartment who has some strange encounters.

Zion Is An Emotional Documentary

The story revolves around a young boy who was born without legs and was abandoned by his family. He was brought up in foster care. The movie is dramatic and motivational.

The Trader Reveals The Plight Of A City

The film reveals the plight of people in the Republics Of Georgia. The story is about a trader who sells all his household items and clothes to buy potatoes. This vegetable is rural Georgia’s currency.

Ladies First Is A Documentary On Deepika Kumari

This is about India’s first female Olympic medalist who was born in a village in India and how she struggled to become the champion of archery.

A Teacher Is Beyond the Cheesy Love Story

This is n=more than a teacher student relationship

Image Credit: mystudentvoices.com

This is about a relationship between a teacher and her student but the story has a different plot. It is about the psychology of the person who is risking to be in such a weird relationship.

Overnight Is A Romantic Comedy

Overnightis about an encounter with a stranger

Image Credit: Netflix

This short film is a sex comedy that revolves around a couple and their encounter with a stranger. If you love to watch movies that has some hot scenes, then you can choose this movie to watch.

Well, this list of short films on Netflix is subjective. It depends upon your interest. This weekend just grab a tub of popcorns and switch on your TV set.