5 Bollywood Movies Everyone Needs To Watch In Their Teens

Some thought provoking movies

5 Bollywood Movies Everyone Needs To Watch In Their Teens

Excited that long new year weekend is coming up? These 5 Bollywood films about growing up are guaranteed to educate and entertain as you sip in coffee during this mini winter vacay. A guy or a girl’s formative years are what moulds them; defines their views and interests, and exposes them to the cold, harsh realities of adult life. The theme of growing up has been one of Bollywood’s favourite cinematic tropes.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Wake Up Sid

still from movie 'Wake Up Sid'
still from movie ‘Wake Up Sid’

Coming of age is never an instant experience. It takes time, a sweet amount at that, before realisation hits. The sight of a confused Sid in his superhero t-shirts struggling to find the balance between the realities of life and his dreams makes for an immensely watchable ‘Wake Up Sid’.


still from movie 'Tamasha'
still from movie ‘Tamasha’

A disadvantaged young boy asked by his family to behave, dress, perceive education, take up a job in a way that the society validates. Ranbir Kapoor brilliantly portrays a character which develops another personality which he embraces after he’s confronted by his lover. Watch Tamasha. It will make you sit up and rethink your everyday existence.

3 Idiots

still from movie '3 Idiots'
still from movie ‘3 Idiots’

Highlighting the biggest flaw in our educational system – ‘We studied to learn and not to understand’ – this film will make you laugh at your own shortcomings. This satirical drama highlights our country’s education system, which is still troubled with the prejudices of percentages, grades, cut-offs, degrees and money.

Rang De Basanti

still from movie 'Rang De Basanti'
still from movie ‘Rang De Basanti’

Rang De Basanti is one of those rare movies which are full of awesome dialogues that will make your hair stand on edge. Every time one watches this film, it makes him/her feel a sense of pride and responsibility for our country. Highlight of this film would be the master-blaster dialogue – “Zindagi jeene ke do tarike hai, jo ho raha hai hone do. Bardaasht karte jao, ya phir zimmedari uthao use badalne ki.” The characters are so beautifully written that their actions and words look natural which we can easily relate with, and that is what touches one’s heart more than anything else.


still from movie 'Pink'
still from movie ‘Pink’

This film will evoke all the right questions in your mind and compel you to think about the deep-seated gender bias that is making our society a hollow place.

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