What’s Better: Being Thin Or Muscular Or Being Fit?

With body image taking over, do you know if you’re really fit, or just look good?

What’s Better: Being Thin Or Muscular Or Being Fit?
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Body image issues are today one of the biggest factors that is causing us stress, and, in a vicious cycle, harming our overall health.

You’re always trying to fit into that dress, to get those muscles to look good, to look lean and thin, or to look big and bulky. But once you manage to get the type of body you want, does it also mean that you are fit?

Being Too Fit Or Too Lean Can Have Its Own Issues

Those who love to get very lean or very fit looking bodies often suffer from cases of extreme fatigue. In fact, this can also interfere with their hormonal levels, reduce their sex drive, and make it difficult for them to fall asleep or stay asleep for long. This is because too much exercise can often deplete your body of the required amount of hormones. In severe cases, it puts pressure on the kidneys that can cause more health problems.

Being confident in your own body is what matters
Being confident in your own body is what matters

Mukul Nagpaul is the Owner of PMF Training, a fitness solution that helps clients by providing customized and tailor-made workout as well as nutrition plans that can align with their regular lifestyle. At his PMF Training, Mukul uses a combination of different styles that involve core and posture training, mat work, functional exercises and more, and makes sure that he helps people reach their fitness goals, without losing track of their health.

It’s important that while you are working on how your body looks, you also keep an eye on your overall health. Being confident in your own body is what matters; for some people, it’s being thin, and for some, it’s being bulky, but no matter what you want your body to look like, you need to make sure you’re fit from within, so that your body can sustain this for long.

If you end up overdoing your exercise and workout routine, it can also irreparably damage the condition of your muscles, cause free radical damage, and even make your skin look extra dry, rough and wrinkled. None of these are signs that you are healthy. Being fit and being healthy go hand in hand, and instead of overdoing one and ignoring the other, it’s best to have a proper diet and fitness plan that will work according to your body type and needs.

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