What Your Body Types Say About Your Health

There’s much more to the apples and pears than you think

What Your Body Types Say About Your Health
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You probably already know that most of us are of a certain body type and maybe at one point or other we all thought of somehow getting into that one body shape that most of us dream of – an hourglass body shape.

But did you know that your body type can also determine your health levels as well as your relationship with your body weight?

Apple, Pear Or Hourglass?

Our body shapes are mainly categorized into three types – the apple shape, the pear shape, and the hourglass shape.

The Apple Type

More fat around the waist
More fat around the waist

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The apple body type is a shape in which the shoulders are broad, the bust is about average to full size and is broader than the hips and the torso is generally wide.

Issues with weight: If you have an apple body shape, you will almost always have more weight around your waist and find it difficult to let it go. This accumulated weight or fat is also known as the visceral fat and can go deep inside your skin, which can over time start accumulating around your organs.

What you can do: Minding your diet and regular exercise can eventually help you lose the excess weight.

The Pear Type

Not too much weight around the waist
Not too much weight around the waist

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The pear body type is a shape in which the hips are usually larger in size than the bust area. Also, the waist area will not have too much excess weight around it. However, in this body shape, the weight is mostly seen around the lower body part.

Issues with weight: If you have a pear body shape, you will almost always have more weight around your lower body area, such as around your hips and thighs. This accumulated fat is known as passive fat and can place more stress around your legs, even though they are not always as dangerous as the visceral fat. Over time, this can lead to diseases such as varicose veins, joint problems in the leg, degenerative knee issues and so on.

What you can do: Exercising with a special focus on the hips, thighs, legs, and waist can help.

The Hourglass Type

Even distribution of weight
Even distribution of weight

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How many times did you wish to get an hourglass figure? It’s the one where there is no particular area where the weight is accumulated but is distributed overall on the body.

Issues with weight: In some cases, those who have an hourglass figure (or rectangle as it is known in case of men) may have extra fat around the waist.

What you can do: Regular exercise and having a balanced and healthy diet can help avoid too much fat accumulation around the waist.

No matter what body shape you are, watching your diet and regularly exercising can help you manage your weight and health better, no matter what your body shape.

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