What Happens When You Don’t Sleep For 2 Consecutive Days And Nights?

Here are few things that may happen to you when you don’t sleep for 72 hours

What Happens When You Don't Sleep For 2 Consecutive Days And Nights?
What Happens When You Don't Sleep For 2 Consecutive Days And Nights?

Losing sleep is something a lot of us are going through these days. Of course there are so many interesting things to blame our reduced hours of sleep. From catching up on interesting series online to chatting, tindering the flames, hopping around drinking holes and igniting the flames indoors, there’s a lot to keep us busy.

But what really happens if you end up giving sleep a miss?

Whether it is due to a busy and hectic routine, work deadlines, lifestyle issues or health reasons, not getting enough sleep can do a lot of damage to your overall health. Here’s a look.

8 things that happen to you when you don’t sleep for 72 hours

Fall sick

When you don’t sleep enough, your body loses its in-built ability to fight against illnesses. This makes you fall sick often and your immunity reaches a new low.


Not sleeping for 24 hours at a stretch can considerably hamper your thinking abilities, and by the second night, you will barely be able to focus or understand clearly what’s going on. Your ability to think straight, take decisions, reasoning and memory all suffer.


Your hours of sleep help your body relax and boost your brain’s memory and cognitive skills. The lack of sleep makes you forgetful and interferes with your memory.

Sex goes for a toss

Lack of sleep can also spell doom for your sexual appetite. Even though a lot of people experiment with sleep deprivation, as it supposedly gives them a high that makes the sexual experience more trance-like, in reality, it diminishes your libido and decreases your testosterone levels.

Heart problems

Your heart needs at least a good five to six hours of sleep in each 24 hour cycle to make it function properly. The chances of having a stroke or coronary heart disease increase when you don’t sleep.

Risk of cancer

Those who sleep less or go without sleep on a regular basis are at a higher risk of developing various cancers such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Gain weight

If you are on a diet or are trying to lose weight, make sure you don’t miss out on your sleep! Sleeping less than five hours a night can actually make you gain weight, and in severe cases, make you obese.

Skin damage

Sleeping helps to repair and heal your skin cells so that your skin remains healthy and clear. It also delays the signs of aging. If you miss out on your sleep for 72 hours, you will see the damage on your skin in the form of dark circles, sagging skin, swollen eyes and even the appearance of fine lines.

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