What Does Day Time Tiredness Indicate

An unproductive day is an indicator of daytime tiredness.

What Does Day Time Tiredness Indicate
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Felt tired throughout the day at your workplace? You are not alone. It is identified that at least 20% of the population (according to Sleep Foundation) have similar symptoms that lead to an unproductive day and the good news is it comes with an easy treatment plan to follow.

Let’s Understand Sleep Better

Sleep needs a regular schedule and strong hygiene!
Sleep needs a regular schedule and strong hygiene!

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Sleep is usually underrated by most of us but it has a great impact on the quality of our life. While we sleep, the brain gets rid of toxins like beta amyloid and activates a healthy sleep cycle for you to sleep at peace. Adults need at least 8 hours of sleep and any number less than that can indicate sleep deprivation.

So, is it only about the timing that influences sleep quality? Certainly not. Quality sleep is associated with sleep hygiene. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you take sleeping pills before you sleep?
  • Do you use mobile phones or light emitting devices before you hit the bed?
  • Do you frequently take naps in the daytime?
  • Do you work out before going to bed?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, your sleep hygiene is poor and it’s a better idea to avoid them.

Long hours of sleeping in the daytime (or idiopathic hypersomnia) also indicates that your nervous system needs a repair and quality sleep is the only solution for it.

Depression Agitates Mind And Brain And Deviates From The Desire

Rehab your mind to get over daytime tiredness!
Rehab your mind to get over daytime tiredness!

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If you are feeling tired at your workplace, ask yourself if you are depressed about something. This depression unfortunately never lets your brain rest and you will feel dizzy throughout the day. This is one reason for the brain to stop working at odd times when it is over exhausted and you eventually feel sleep mentally!

Check If You Are Narcoleptic

When your eyes close unpredictably and fall sleepy!
When your eyes close unpredictably and fall sleepy!

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Have you slept at unpredictable times at your workplace and felt bad about it? Well, you call this condition as narcolepsy where the brain loses its control to keep the person awake and creates an autoimmune neurologic disorder. It also indicates that you are in need of a sedative to reschedule your sleeping pattern.

To all the daytime tiredness symptoms that develop in your body, the solution is ‘have a peaceful sleep’.

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