Want Gorgeous Skin Like Your Favourite Bollywood Celebs? Try These Secrets

From glowing skin to fresh eyes and more, these secret skin care tips are a must-try

Want Gorgeous Skin Like Your Favourite Bollywood Celebs? Try These Secrets

We all love Bollywood, and one thing we can’t stop talking about is how beautiful our actresses look on-screen.

If you have ever wanted the flawless skin of your favourite star, here are some secret skin and beauty tips you should try.

Remove puffy eyes

A cool ice therapy can reduce inflammation and puffy eyes
A cool ice therapy can reduce inflammation and puffy eyes

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Jacqueline Fernandez apparently still follows the simplest and most effective way to reduce puffy eyes – use the ice cube method! Just wrap a few ice cubes in a soft and thin cloth and place them on your eyes and cheeks. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes and get a fresh look instantly!

Cut those kilos

One of the easiest ways to cut fat
One of the easiest ways to cut fat

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Ever felt jealous of Sonam Kapoor’s perfectly toned and trim figure? Then you should start having a glass of lukewarm water the moment you wake up in the morning. This will help burn the fat and improve your metabolism. For more benefits, add a dash of fresh lime juice and a tbsp. of honey to get better glow, less acne, and a more even skin tone.

Fresh face

The highly anti-bacterial neem leaves kill acne causing bacteria

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You can now get a fresh and dewy face at home, just like Anushka Sharma, without running to the parlour. In fact, this home remedy is a great way to use natural ingredients and get the most effective results. Crush some dried neem leaves and add some milk, rose water and yogurt to create a paste-like consistency. Apply this on your clean face, let it sit for some time till it dries, then wash off. The anti-bacterial properties will reduce acne, improve skin tone, add a healthy glow, reduce pigmentation and also balance the production of oils.

The good old ubtan

An instant way to improve complexion

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Remember the mummy and dadi nani ka home treatments to make you get the best complexion when you were growing up? Aishwary Rai still swears by it. You can simply make a paste of besan, milk, freshly ground turmeric or even powdered turmeric if you can’t get the fresh one easily, some yogurt and freshly grated cucumbers. Apply this on cleansed face, let it sit for about 15 minutes or till it starts to dry, and wash off with warm water. This will improve your skin tone by removing hyperpigmentation, will clean your clogged pores, remove acne, make your skin firmer and give it a natural glow.

Boost collagen with this

This can delay your signs of ageing
This can delay your signs of ageing

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Want to get that healthy glow and firm skin like Deepika Padukone? Then you should try a simple home facial massage using coconut oil. This is one of the most effective and all-purpose natural ingredient that you can use to enhance your skin health, boost collagen production and delay the signs of ageing.

If you have any skin condition that you are suffering from, please make sure you first speak to your doctor before trying out any of this.

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