This Can Stop Your Back Pain Now

Easy ways to prevent this pain without taking up your time

This Can Stop Your Back Pain Now
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Did you read the word back pain and almost instinctively reach out to touch your own back? Do you always get a kind of a nagging pain in your back, and any kind of temporary relief seems like a godsend?

Sitting at your work desk for hours, or steering that wheel on your commute to and from work are some of the biggest reasons we are all facing this modern lifestyle health issue these days.

But if you thought it takes a lot of time and effort to prevent or cure your backache, the good news is – just a few easy tips in your daily routine can help! And the best part is that these won’t even take up much time.

So if you’re game, check these out:

Your Pillow Could Be Your Bud

Instead of only having a pillow under your head, you can try and place one under your knee too. This will keep your legs slightly elevated and will reduce the pressure on your spine as you sleep.

A Little Change In Diet

Adding curd to your daily diet can help
Adding curd to your daily diet can help

Image Credit: khoobsurati

Sometimes, adding a few healthy food options in your everyday diet can also give you the additional strength to ward off a backache. For instance, you can easily add a cup of yoghurt to your breakfast, or add some spinach to your morning power smoothie, or have a glass of milk before rushing off to work or even speak to your doc about taking some vitamin supplements.

Straighten Up Quick

Our posture plays a big role in maintaining the health of our spine and back overall. One of the best ways to keep a backache away is by making sure that you keep your posture right and sit straight, instead of slouching. However, if you end up slouching, make sure to immediately straighten up the moment you feel even the tiniest bit of discomfort. Take a 30 second or 1-minute break and do a stretch, or at least just sit up really straight for some time at least.

In addition to all this, you can also try out some exercises that will help to strengthen your core, such as planks and even squats.

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