These ‘Healthy’ Foods Are Not Really Healthy

How many times have you thought these to be healthy?

These 'Healthy' Foods Are Not Really Healthy
Image Credit: Everyday Health

Hey, these foods are healthy and you should include them to your diet regularly. How many times have you been told this statement? In fact, advertisements that you see on television sometimes mislead you with the wrong guidance of foods. Here, we bring you the list of not so healthy foods that are thought to be healthy!

The Crackling Vegetable Chips

These chips are attractive to see, right?
These chips are attractive to see, right?

Image Credit: Vegetarian Times

Vegetable chips like potato chips are great to munch due to their crispness and flavor. But we know they’re not healthy but did you know that other vegetable chips like carrot chips, kale, bitter gourd etc. that are said to be healthy are not really healthy. Vegetable powder and coloring are sometimes mixed in them to make them look attractive.

Gluten Free Foods Are Not Healthy

Gluten free foods are everywhere!
Gluten free foods are everywhere!

Image Credit: Healthline

People are getting intolerant to glutens and prefer the gluten free versions. Assessing the health portion of these foods, you can see that gluten free food manufacturers are merely trying to replicate the taste with some fillers like additives that you never know. They are eventually packed in catchy containers to attract you to buy them.

Do You Eat Protein Bars?

Commercial granola bars aren't healthy!
Commercial granola bars aren’t healthy!

Image Credit: Food Network

Enter a supermarket and you will find granola/protein bars piling up on the entire shelf. That tells you the population that are addicted to these protein bars. The health aspect of these bars says that it is a mere candy bar that is filled with sugar and trans fats and you are misled with its protein percentage without knowing the side effects.

Who Doesn’t Drink Smoothies?

Go for homemade smoothies!
Go for homemade smoothies!

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To many of us, smoothies are our breakfast. With the whole ingredients added to the blender with minimal sugar, smoothies are super yum. But! The commercial smoothies that you buy from the market have sugar in them to make the taste better. You drink less fruit and more sugar!

There are more to this list like cereals and multigrain bread where you lose essential nutrients. Choose carefully when you go shopping for food next time.

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