These Health And Wellness Apps Are A Must In Your Phone

From relaxation to reducing anxiety, stress and building focus, there’s lots these apps can do for you

These Health And Wellness Apps Are A Must In Your Phone
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If you’re thinking your smartphone is just a cause of more stress and worry and is disrupting your health, here’s some good news.

Now, you can actually download some really good health and wellness based apps that will not just keep you relaxed, but can also help improve the overall quality of your personal as well as professional life.

The Forest App To Concentrate

What would you say if you had an app that allowed you to grow a full tree but only if you could focus on whatever task you were doing? Not sure what that means? The Forest app that is available on both Google Play and the App Store lets you grow a tree from a seed, but the condition is that you cannot check any social media in the meanwhile, or play any games. This is something you can turn on when you have to finish a task at hand, and by the time you’re done, the tree will grow too.

Clear Your Head With Headspace

All you need is ten minutes a day
All you need is ten minutes a day

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This is one of the latest apps that has already become a favourite with a lot of international celebrities. The app is overseen by a former Buddhist monk named Andy Puddicombe and lets you take ten minutes out of each day to tune in and clear out all the unnecessary noise and chaos that is happening inside your brain.

Reduce Anxiety With My Possible Self

This app is truly useful for those who suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. By using this app, you can keep a track of possible triggers that increase your anxiety, stress or fear, as well as understand potential situations that can make you uncomfortable. It also has a self-help module that aims to give you tools that will make it easier for you to calm down and take better control of your stress.

The Magic Of Aura

This is yet another app that will help you get rid of your daily stress, anxiety and tensions and meditate in a very easy and fast way. The app has been created by a bunch of therapists as well as meditation teachers and also has personalized AI options that will let you manage your meditation needs the way you want. If you are not really a fan of meditation, this still merits a look.

If nothing works, heading out in the open for at least half an hour to an hour a day and cutting yourself off from the virtual world could also be a good way to feel more relaxed and refreshed.

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