These DIY Home Remedies Will Keep Your Sinus Away

You can make your own medicine for sinus!

These DIY Home Remedies Can Put Your Sinus Off
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Puffy eyes and a heavy head along with a runny nose after a day’s outing can be so frustrating. Especially when you travel this winter even for few minutes, you easily catch a cold. Did you know you can easily put them off with simple home remedies?

Make Your Own Nasal Spray

It takes less than a minute to make!
It takes less than a minute to make!

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Sinus comes with a blocked nose that troubles your breathing and sleep. You can easily overcome it with a nasal spray made from quarter cup of clean water, quarter tsp baking soda and quarter tsp salt. Just spray the solution into your nostril twice or thrice a day. You can see the blocks getting cleared.

The Magic Oil!

Massage oil on these spots!
Massage oil on these spots!

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Almost every house these days has eucalyptus oil. So, you can simply take a drop of oil and rub on the forehead and around your nose. Repeat twice a day and recover faster. Cineole present in eucalyptus oil has the ability to cure even acute sinusitis at lightning speed.

Warm Compresses Can Sooth You

This warm compress method works instantly!
This warm compress method works instantly!

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Take a damp towel and expose to warm heat. Now, place the towel around your eyes, cheeks and nose and this remedy can control the facial pain and also dry up the water blocks within the tissues. You can breathe better and your sinus pain also reduces substantially.

Turmeric Can Do The Magic

The incredible benefits of turmeric powder
The incredible benefits of turmeric powder

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The specialty of our herbs is that they spread aroma and also have healing properties to a number of health problems. Turmeric root is commonly available in our homes and all you need to do is to prepare hot tea with ginger root included in it. Regard turmeric as your coloring agent for tea.

This combination relaxes the pressure and loosens the mucus associated with nasal passages. You can also drink turmeric hot water daily.

Now that you have these simple home remedies handy, keep common winter ailments away!

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