These Beauty Pageant Winners Are Sharing Their Secrets To Health

Sleep, beauty, eating, and exercise – which of their tips do you follow?

These Beauty Pageant Winners Are Sharing Their Secrets To Health
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The Glamanand Supermodel India 2018 recently saw the Crowning of Miss India International, Miss India Earth, and Miss India Multinational. Here, the lovely beauties share some of their secrets to health and wellness that they feel help them look and feel beautiful and confident.

As a participant in a beauty pageant, what are some of the skin care tips that you swear by?

Tanishqa Bhosle, Miss India International 2018
Tanishqa Bhosle, Miss India International 2018

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According to Tanishqa Bhosle, Miss India International 2018, “I always make sure that I wash my face and remove all my makeup before sleeping.”

My skin is of utmost importance in my life. I follow a good CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) routine. Also, eating healthy is equally important. Refrain from oily and processed food and your skin will improve in no time, says Devika Vaid, Miss India Earth 2018.

Deepshikha Sharma, Miss India Multinational 2018 feels that every person must take good care of their skin. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Wear sunscreen every day of the year, even during the rains and the winter months. Rub in a rich and intense moisturising body lotion daily after bathing on a slightly damp body for a healthy and hydrated skin. Exfoliate your skin every week and do it at night rather than during the day. Make sure you remove all your makeup and cleanse your skin before bedtime. Balance your diet, consume more greens and less sugar and caffeine.

Shweta Parmar, Glamanand Supermodel India 2018 drinks a lot of water, removes her makeup at night and hydrates her skin with a leave-on face pack. She also eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and includes proteins in her diet. She also exercises regularly which brings out a glow on the face and helps her sleep better.

Stress and busy lifestyles have a negative impact on hair – how do you make sure you keep your hair healthy and beautiful?

Tanishqa feels that there is only one way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful – by applying oil and getting a hair spa done regularly. On the other hand, Devika has a love for oiling her hair and says that she oils her hair thrice a week as it nourishes her hair and keeps her scalp healthy.

According to Deepshikha, knowing your hair type is most important because only when you know your hair type, you can take care of it in the best possible way. Wash your hair when it is dirty and not just out of habit. Avoid washing hair with hot water as it strips off the essential oils from your scalp, which serves as a natural conditioner. Comb when your hair is dry. Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. Apply natural remedies to your hair like olive oil, coconut oil. Let your hair air dry and avoid the use of blow dryers as the heat damages your hair follicles, leaving it dry and damaged.

To keep her hair lush and beautiful, Shweta uses a mix of olive and coconut oil once a week. She also indulges in a hair spa twice a month and after a shoot, removes all chemicals from the hair with a good wash and conditioner.

Does sleep play a crucial role in staying fit overall, especially for the event? How have you changed your sleep habits now and how does it affect you?

I definitely agree that sleep plays a very important role in staying fit, says Tanishqa, as lack of sleep can cause dark circles and headache. Especially before the pageant, it’s very important to have a good sleep. It will help me stay active during the event.

For Devika, sleep is life. She feels that if you can’t sleep for at least 6 hours, you’re being cruel to your body. But if things become hectic, you can always get back to the routine as and when possible.

Deepshikha Sharma, Miss India Multinational 2018
Deepshikha Sharma, Miss India Multinational 2018

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Deepshikha also agrees. Having a good beauty sleep is just as important as eating healthy food for staying fit. Good sleeping habits play a very crucial role in mental stability and maintain a stable blood pressure. It can keep you up and active for the day.

Shweta Parmar, Glamanand Supermodel India 2018
Shweta Parmar, Glamanand Supermodel India 2018

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Good sleep plays a very important role in keeping you fresh, feels Shweta, and it also adds a glow to your face. It works as a repair mechanism for your body in case of fatigue. I make sure I get seven hours’ sleep in a day and if not, I close my eyes and meditate wherever I am.

Did you adopt a healthier eating style due to the pageant? How do you think it is helping you?

Being a doctor’s kid, Deepshikha has always been involved in healthy food and eating habits. For the pageant, I introduced a lot of boiled veggies, salad, fish, chicken and eggs in my diet and also planned an eating schedule involving 6 meals a day, eating in small intervals for good digestion.

As a pageant girl it is very important to take care of your eating habits, says Shweta. I took good care of my diet, which included the right amount of proteins, boiled vegetables and fruits – enriching and hydrating. This has not only helped me get rid of excess fat but has also added a glow to my face.

Not everyone gets the time to hit a gym every day – do you have any exercise or fitness tips that people can try out even if they don’t want to go to a gym?

Tanishqa feels that swimming and cycling could be the best alternatives if you don’t want to or can’t go to a gym. You can even try out some exercise forms like squats, jumping jacks, high knees at home.

Shweta says that you can indulge in exercises at home or in the office. Take the stairs instead of the lift, use easy day to day objects as weights and make sure you stretch your muscles as well.

It is always best that you go for a physical workout 5 times a week, depending on your body type and fitness level, says Devika. But if you can’t do that for some reason, you can switch to healthy eating and walking for at least 30 minutes a day.

Deepshikha believes that rather than involving yourself into gym workouts, it’s more beneficial to indulge in functional training exercises which increase your core strength, concentrate on the right muscles and help you in daily activities. Also, meditation and yoga are very important to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

There must be a huge pressure to be perfect all the time – how do you de-stress?

For Tanishqa, spending quality time with family and friends is the best way to de-stress.

Devika Vaid, Miss India Earth 2018
Devika Vaid, Miss India Earth 2018

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Devika loves to hit the gym, followed by a good shower, as she feels it rejuvenates her completely. Also, she loves the healing touch of music, so some good music on her headset is the final way to de-stress.

Meditation and yoga are the best universally proven stressbusters of all time, and the same goes for me too, says Deepshikha.

Says Shweta, I de-stress by doing things I love when alone and spending quality time with my family.

When following a strict diet, how would you go about having a cheat day so that it does not affect your overall routine and health?

While Tanishqa follows a strict diet, she believes in having a cheat meal once in 10 days to keep herself motivated, to focus on her health and stay fit.

Devika feels that it can vary from person to person as every body type is different. You should know how to trick your mind and learn how to compensate. Train harder to burn those extra calories and stick to only one cheat day a week, because our body is too intelligent to be tricked – you can’t fool it always.

According to Deepshikha, constant dieting eventually leads to caloric deficits, which cause our energy levels to plummet. A calorie bomb provided by your cheat meal will help the body maintain energy levels needed to continue dieting and exercising. But keep in mind that it is a cheat meal and not a cheat day. If you allow all your hard work to unravel for an entire day, you will lose out the progress you’ve been making all week, especially if weight loss is a goal.

Being a foodie, Shweta makes sure to strike the perfect balance between diet and cheat day. Since I go out every weekend with my family, I take that as a cheat day. But I make sure I don’t overindulge because that goes against the fitness regime and plan.

These beautiful ladies are swearing by some of the most well-known health and beauty secrets, so maybe, it’s time you tried them out to see the results for yourself!

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