Tackle Your Dry Skin With Ayurveda

Uprooting the underlying causes is the best form of treatment

Tackle Your Dry Skin With Ayurveda

Tired of carrying moisturizers and skin-hydrating creams while on the go? Dry skin problem is an issue that’s more serious than you would have probably thought. Although it is majorly related to dry weather, heat and wind, the real problem is deeply uprooted inside your body. The Ayurvedic principles state that any form of dryness in the body is a sign of imbalance of Vata dosha. So, it’s important to create balance from inside out.


It is essential to find out the factors that are leading to the dry skin problem. The list of factors include over-exposure to sun, not drinking enough water, using the wrong set of moisturizers or skin creams, over-consumption of dry and junk foods, bathing in very hot water, constipation, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Consulting an Ayurvedic physician for the existing health issues will help one deal with them. The other factors too can be worked on.


Abhyanga lubricates the skin and contributes to your overall health
Abhyanga lubricates the skin and contributes to your overall health

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Abhyanga is one of the most effective skin care practices especially when you have a dry skin. A daily self-massage with oils like Ksheerbala, Almond, Sesame oil helps balance the Vata dosha in the skin. These oils have an unctuous quality that rehydrates the skin from within. The daily oil massage can be done before a warm shower. Remember not to use soaps to get the oil off the skin. It’s best to use oleating herbal powders (ubtan) for rubbing over the skin during the bath. Moisturizers pretty much hydrate the skin temporarily but they seem to be useless in case of extremely dry skin. Oiling the skin on a regular basis increases the blood flow to the skin thereby improving the tone and appearance of the skin.


Vata dosha possesses qualities like cold, light, dry, rough and subtle. Foods with similar qualities like breads, crackers, raw veggies, sprouts and toasts lead to an increase in Vata dosha. Make the switch and begin to consume warm, moist, soft and slightly heavier foods. Include lots of ghee, freshly churned butter, milk and a bit of meat in your diet. It’s a very natural way of healing your body. These foods will help regulate the Vata dosha and heeding your cravings will balance it.


Enema or Basti is Ayurveda’s most effective treatment for Vata disorders
Enema or Basti is Ayurveda’s most effective treatment for Vata disorders

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The intestines are the main seat of Vata dosha so most Vata imbalances originate in the colon. An oil or ghee enema on a daily basis will aid in quick absorption of the medicine resulting in immediate relief from skin dryness and other Vata-related symptoms. The enemas should strictly be taken under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician.

So there you have it, four simple steps that truly work on the root of the problem. This skin-care routine is what you exactly need to transform your dry skin and leave it feeling soft, healthy and glowing!

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