Summer Care Tips For Happy Feet

These simple tips that you can follow at home will make your feet look pretty


If you are already shopping for cute, fun and bright chappals and are planning to spend most of the coming weeks and months in open sandals, there’s one thing more important than finding the right chappal.

It’s making sure that your feet are in perfect condition to be shown off!

Our feet are no doubt one of the most ignored parts of our body and often end up getting last minute care and attention.

But this summer, try and follow a simple foot care routine that will make your feet look really pretty and also let you show them off in style.

1. Start A Simple Home Pedicure Routine Once A Week

Lukewarm water will help to remove the bacteria from your feet and will help to prevent the growth of any fungus or germs. You can simply fill in a tub with lukewarm water and add a few drops of body wash or even your favourite shampoo in it. If you often wear closed shoes and socks, you can add a few fresh neem leaves. These have natural anti-fungal properties that will prevent the growth of bacteria.

2. Pumice Stone Is Your Summer Best Friend

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pumice stone. In fact, rather than waiting to use this during your home pedicure, use them each day when you take a bath or wash your feet. This will remove dead skin cells and keep the skin on your feet soft and beautiful. It will also prevent the buildup of dead skin cells and reduce the chance of corns and callouses.

3. Use This Simple Technique To Boost The Blood Flow

You can do this massage while standing or sitting down
You can do this massage while standing or sitting down

Image Credit: rancholapuerta

Have you ever noticed how a foot massage can make you feel so relaxed, and even doing something so simple as rubbing your feet can make you feel so relieved at the end of a long and tiring day? To make sure that your feet are not stressed out and to also give a boost to the blood flow, you can use a very simple tool that you may find at home – a tennis ball. Sit down on a chair or on the side of the bed and use the ball to massage your feet from the heel towards the toes. If you feel any pain or tension in a particular area, give it a little more attention.

You can also use a sliced lemon to rub your feet and nails each day to give it a clearer look, as lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent. Also, don’t forget to put on some bold and summer colours on your nails!

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