Suffering From Insomnia? Find Your Type!

Insomnia never has an one size fits all solution, unfortunately!

Suffering From Insomnia? Find Your Type!
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Have you lately been pushing yourself hard to sleep at night but couldn’t? Or do you wake up just in few minutes you have fallen asleep? This condition is called insomnia and you should know the type of insomnia that you are facing so you can get a treatment accordingly.

High Distress Level Is Dangerous

High distress needs a quick solution!
High distress needs a quick solution!

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This is more like a panic attack that can turn fatal!

If you have lately felt depressed continuously and you couldn’t get rid of the stress, you probably end up thinking more about it and ruining your sleep. This is dangerous as high psychological stress can affect your life too.

Moderately Distressed Insomnia Indicates No Happy Events

Plan better and let stress not take over your sleep
Plan better and let stress not take over your sleep

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So, has it been few days since you have laughed out loud and the happy experiences have faded away? This thought can put you down and you really get fed up with emotion management. Your mind automatically recalls those happy instances and compares to the present.

Though the impact is moderate and easily treatable, you need to alter your routine. This type of insomnia will affect the sleep continuity. Make sure that you are engaged with things you like for the day so you have a better quality of sleep.

Low Distressed Insomnia Has A Long Lasting Impact

Stop anticipating and start adapting!
Stop anticipating and start adapting!

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For instance, you would have joined a new firm where the work is stressful and unmanageable most of the times. Your life gets a change abruptly and you really don’t know what to do. This is actually a trivial issue but you keep thinking quite frequently as you may have to get back to your office the next day.

The problem with low distressed insomnia is that the impact is so long and you cannot get out of it instantly.

Deal With These Insomnia Types

Have you found out the type you belong to? There are certain things you can follow regularly for any of the aforementioned types.

  • The secret tip is to follow consistent sleep and wake up times. This will increase your sleep quality and also sync your circadian rhythm.
  • Rework on your daily routine and include more events of your interest.

Never underestimate the power of a quality sleep!

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